Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Still Steady

Otherwise known as "The One Where I Ran Out of Better Post Titles".

Dad and I met with Dr. Zehr this afternoon while Mom volunteered to stay home with Jack.  I've yet to have him in the hospital with us because I'm worried about the germs in the ICU waiting room - even though I'm sure an airplane, or even Target, is probably worse.  Better safe than sorry.  If he got sick I would feel terrible.  I appreciate everyone who's already taken a turn watching Jack and don't want to wear out my welcome, especially during a busy week like this! 

Oh yes, back to Rob.  I'm looking forward to the day when this turns back into a Mommy Blog again, trust me.  But for now we will focus on Rob.

He was on his back this evening and still tolerating it well.  His fever had spiked above 103 again so he was back under the cooling blanket.  His second dialysis went well, pulling another 6 pounds of fluid out of his body.  In total, having 21 pounds of fluid removed in the last 24 hours has been a huge contributor to his improved lung function.  It is likely he will have dialysis done on a regular basis for awhile.

They also stopped given him the paralytic and he wasn't fighting the ventilator, at least when we were there.  He was taking some breaths over the ventilator, but not many.  They also reduced his sedation considerably but he didn't show any signs that he heard us when Dad and I talked to him.  I was thinking about him waking up during the night and was feeling bad that we can't be there if he does, but his nurse Jill tonight is very sweet and I know she'll talk to him.

Random thing I learned today - he gets his teeth brushed every 4 hours.  I had no idea. 

Since he's been pretty stable they would like to try the CT scan of his head again tomorrow.  The brain is our main wild card right now.  We know that his lungs are improving - his oxygen has been turned down to 50% and his daily chest x-rays show improvement each time, albeit slight.  Now we need to know what the brain is doing.  When his sedation was removed last week he started struggling when he realized that he had tubes down his throat, and then unclenched his fist when Dad told him to.  We know he's with us, but will feel a lot better if we find out that his head is 100% okay.  Or even 90% okay.  We'll take whatever good news we can get. 

Please pray for the CT scan tomorrow - that the medical team has an easy time moving him off the RotoProne, that he continues to breathe easily during the transfer, and that the scan is clear.     



Worm said...

I've read your blog for a while now. I was excited when you moved to Denver. And overjoyed for you when you had your kiddo. We've never met and yet here I am sitting on pins and needles checking for positive updates on Rob. Just now that you have a complete stranger out there sending as many positive vibes and good thoughts your way and his way as humanly possible!!

Amanda said...

I keep reading updates on Rob everyday. We have been praying for him daily. I hope yall get great news tomorrow and just maybe Rob will be awake enough to enjoy a hospital Christmas celebration. At least your family will be together even if it is spent in a hosptial room. Best wishes and postive thoughts your way!

Jessica & Cheri said...

Knowing your family personaly its so hard to read about rob everyday praying that he starts to get better and better each day remember if you ever need someone to watch Jack let us know Cheri and Jessica

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that someday Rob will appreciate these posts too.

I know Dr. Zehr and he is a great person. Another blessing.


ashley said...

thinking of you today - praying the dr's were able to do the scan and that you got some good news!