Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Get ready, because this blog is soon getting a professional makeover from Kayla Aimee!  I entered a contest and our blog was randomly selected!  I was seriously going to join her online class anyway because I've always wanted to know how to make one of the cool blog designs I've always drooled over.  How random!  I came screeching down the stairs to grab my phone and call Ashley, and of course Brent did NOT get what all the fuss was about when I explained the whole situation.  He thinks I'm a little touched when it comes to this blog business.

Hey, for a bleak February day, this is big time! 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Get Up and Shake the Glitter Off Your Clothes..."

Okay, so our Vegas trip wasn't QUITE that wild, but we did have a great time on our President's Day/Valentine's Day vacation.  We flew in early Saturday morning and immediately reviewed our blackjack strategies in the hotel room before heading to the MGM Grand and New York, New York to see if they worked.  No, I'm not husband printed off strategies and the odds for each card the dealer's holding so he could brush up on the plane.  I love that man.

After much chaos with their flight, Dan and Lori finally made it into town and we all met up at the casino in the MGM Grand.  Mom's forte - the Wheel of Fortune machines; Dan and Rob - the poker tables.  We ate at the Bellagio Buffet which was excellent! 

"Ahhh yes, so you just push the button like so, eh?"

Every hotel had something in its lobby to celebrate the Chinese New Year

We were lucky and caught one of the fountain shows just as we were leaving the Bellagio.  So cool!

Sunday, Valentine's Day, was another day of hitting the blackjack tables at various casinos.  Unfortunately, I had blown through all my gambling cash by the second day and rather than lose all control and go to an ATM, I hit up my husband for another $50.  I turned the $50 into $150 by the end of the trip, which was good enough for me.  Yes, he got his loan back.

In front of our hotel


New York, New York

For our Valentine's Day dinner we all ate at Battista's Hole in the Wall off the strip, which has decent Italian food and a cute old man who plays the accordion.  Some people were a little bit put off that he only sang one line of "That's Amore" after we requested it, but I wasn't one of those people.  He's old, give him a break!

After dinner we took cabs up to Fremont Street in the original downtown area.  The light show under the canapy was definitely something to see!  We saw Queen and later KISS. 

Holding the world's most disgusting Pina Colada.  I drank a little bit and then Dad and I ended up knocking it all over the floor underneath a blackjack table.  Eh, not a loss.

A random limo was driving by offering a great deal cheaper than our two taxi rides, so of course we couldn't pass that up.  He was kinda surly and was yelling at us to get in, so actually I could have passed on that.

This was taken at about 3:00 a.m. while Lori and I waited on Brent to meet us on the bridge between NY, NY and MGM.  We wanted to really stay out late that second night, but we were so.tired.  He found us asleep on a bench.  Not really, but close.

On our last day we hung out at the pool in the early afternoon and then Mom, Lori and I went up and down the Strip looking at different hotels. 


The Venetian

The girls all went to see LOVE - The Beatles Cirque du Soleil at The Mirage on our last night, and we LOVEd it indeed!  I couldn't get the Beatles' songs out of my head for the next several days.  If you're going to Vegas soon, it is definitely something you should see.  I promise.

This is Brent and I leaving for the Vegas airport.  Bonnie was ticked when we came home with that poodle, but she's coping with it. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Dog

My Bonnie just loves the snow.  I would love the snow more if we were getting some cancellations out of the deal - I know, whining government employee, right?  Doesn't hurt to hope for one! 

But back to Bonnie and the snow.  I haven't posted much about her lately, and that might be because she hasn't done anything especially bad.  She is really becoming quite the nice little dog but is still a bit rough around the edges.  For instance, we have a really hard time getting her to come inside when we call.  It usually ends in a stand-off with both Brent and I trying to corner her against her Invisible Fence.  The only problem is that she's figured out that she can get through the fence and move freely between the front and back yards if she runs very close to the house, making it very hard to catch her.  I was cooking dinner tonight and couldn't put my snow gear on to help Brent.  We tried the classic "Shake-a-Bag-of-Deli-Turkey-Out-the-Front-Door" move to no avail.  Then, I walked my skillet full of half-cooked hamburger to the door, where she stood watching me from the door frame with her head cocked to the side.  Nope.  Brent chased her around the yard, hoping a snow drift might slow her down.  Finally, in a last-ditch effort of desperation, he laid down in the snow on the deck and played dead.  Curious, Bonnie walked up to see what the heck he was doing.  That's when he grabbed her.

You know, I've read before that the Westie in general is trying to out-smart its opponents.  Do you think that's happening here?

I leave you with a video of Bonnie watching Puppy Bowl VI on the Animal Planet.  It's basically a bunch of puppies rolling around in a pin that resembles a football field.  She loves other dogs and is also a pretty good TV-watcher, so this is right up her alley.  My favorite is when she looks behind the TV for the dogs, and then checks in the fireplace before looking for them out the front door.

Okay - correction - there is no video.  I can't get it to load but will keep working on it.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Good Luck, Alli!

Last Wednesday my work friend, Alli, deployed to the Middle East for six months to support our troops with finance issues while out of country.  A day or two before she left she was told that she would not be stationed in Afghanistan as previously planned, but would rather stay in Kuwait the entire time.  I think we're all happy at work that she hasn't been dropped by military plane, unarmed, into the Afghani hillside. 

Here's a little going away picture that our friend Lori made for her.  You know, just so she wouldn't forget how creepy we are.

The baby is Lori's little guy, Max.  No children or animals were harmed during the making of this photo.

You can follow Alli's Middle Eastern adventures on her blog.  Please remember her in your T&P.  Come home soon!