Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Indiana Trip Part II - The Baubby Schowa

Many days ago, I blogged about Jack's baptism on Sunday, May 6th and our night with the Sinders and Mitchells on Friday, May 4th.  Now let me fill you in on another very fun day that fell in between - Mini Day and Baby Shower Day!

We stayed at Carrie's on Friday night and Brent woke up early to head downtown for his 6th running of the 500 Festival Mini Marathon.  (Actually, we were really up pretty much all night with a tossing and turning Jack, who was sleeping in a pack and play in our room.  Around 3 a.m. we realized he was restless because he had a major diaper leak, poor babe!)  Brent's 6th running was his best, and he was a top 500 finisher this year for the first time!  Conditions were brutally hot and humid but he held strong at the end to clinch one of the special medals.  Very proud of him!  

Anyway, Brent left for the race and Carrie and I got to work prepping our Cinco de Mayo-themed, surprise baby shower for Christi and Ashley!  Baby Stella was a little more than a month old at the time and Christi was about three weeks away from having Baby Charlie, so the timing was perfect!

Baby Stella!  

I love this picture!  Jack's first smile was for Christi when she and Carrie visited us last November.  I think they just get each other.  :)

Love these ladies!  


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Swimming Fools!

It's been uncharacteristically hot here (I'm sure you don't know what that's like!) and we've hit the pool three times in the last week!  Our subdivision has a great pool and we are now official cardholders, and not a minute too soon since we'll be moving out in a couple weeks.  We also visited the Bear Creek Swim and Tennis Club on Friday night to swim with our friends, the Rotters.  Jack's first swimming experience at our neighborhood pool went so well that I got brave and dunked his head last Friday...and he loved it.  He spent the rest of his time in the pool trying to stick his face back in the water.  Tonight, he realized he could do that in the bath, too!  So funny...can't wait to take him to swim lessons in a few weeks!

My size medium rash guard doesn't cover my belly, Mom.

We also bought a baby pool and set it up in the backyard (before we got our pool passes and when we could never remember to put swim diapers on our Target list).  It's a good back-up if we don't feel like loading everything up to go to the real pool.  Our new neighborhood has a nice pool and we're only a street down from it, so we shouldn't need to rely on the crab too much to stay cool this summer!



Sunday, June 24, 2012

On the Move

Jack started crawling on Thursday and he's been busy the last few days getting into everything!  Watch out, Bonnie.  You have a new element of danger in your daily life.

Sorry that it's flipped...I can't get it to rotate and it's too late at night to worry about it!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Eight Months.

Happy 8 months, Jack Robert.  I can't believe that we're 2/3 of the way through your monthly onesie stickers.  

Weight - I'm not really sure...but guessing over 20 pounds now.  You feel really heavy to us.  How's that for accurate?
Length - ??
Head Circumference - ??

Clothing Size - Your 9m clothes fit snugly and your 12m clothes fit well now.  We moved you into some 12-18m sleepers, which are big but I just really didn't want to buy more of the 9-12m size for you to wear for just another few weeks.  Diapers - you've moved up to size 4 and the large setting of the BGs.  We've added another insert into each cloth diaper to keep up with you!

Sleeping - No complaints here!  You're down to two longer naps now, for the most part, and still sleep from 8:30 - 7:00 each night.  You have been waking up by 6:30 some mornings, but you don't seem ready to get up yet.  You usually have a bottle and go back down about an hour later.

Teeth - I can't believe it, but still no teeth.

 I don't need no stinkin' teeth.

Eating - You are eating two meals a day - usually a fruit, yogurt, and mum-mum at lunch and a fruit, veggie, and some sort of grain at dinner.  I've been feeding you small pieces of our dinner quite a bit since you love feeding yourself.  You mastered the pincer grasp this month and do a great job with most foods, unless they're slippery.  You take between 20 - 25 oz of formula a day.

Movement - You've been doing a lot of rocking back and forth on all fours lately, but no crawling yet.  We think you're close!

Milestones - You went to your first birthday party for your friend Emily, who turned three in May.  You celebrated Mother's Day with me and your first Memorial Day.  You went to your first library storytime and basketball game.  You did NOT appreciate all the cheering our side of the bleachers did when Lakewood won.

Favorite toys/activities - You love hanging out with Brownie the Bear in your room.  We bought a Baby Einstein last month and put it in occasionally in the evenings when we're winding down, and I don't know what took us so long to bring one of those into our house.  (But seriously, I could have filmed that in our basement and been a millionaire.  Drat!)  You still love Scout and reading all sorts of books.

Dislikes - When we leave the room, when we won't let you have our phones or iPad.  Loud noises.

What we love - Your big open-mouthed kisses (also a new 7-month trick) and your sweet disposition.

What we don't love - How you wiggle around while we change your diaper or put clothes on you.  You're getting trickier!

What we're looking forward to - summer fun with Baby Jack!

We love you, sugar pie!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Trip to Indiana - Part I

I've already posted about Jack's baptism, which was one of the main events of our recent trip home.  What I haven't mentioned yet is our Indy festivities in the couple of days leading up to the baptism, so travel back in time with me while I recap...

We flew into Indy on Friday afternoon and headed downtown first to pick up the race packets (but not before a quick stop at the airport Patachou for some cinnamon toast to go!).  Brent ran the mini for his sixth consecutive time and I gracefully wussed out this year.  Long distance running just hasn't made it into my schedule this spring or summer, but give me a 5k any day!  I hope to be back into it by next year.

We carbed up with the Sinders again this year (I love how we manage to keep that up despite 1100 miles between us now) at their house.  This was Brent's first time meeting Owen and Olivia, and my first time getting to squeeze their sweet cheeks!  Carbing up is so much more enjoyable when you don't actually have to run the race the next day, for the record.  


The Mitchells joined us for dinner - a special bonus!  

Jack jumps away in the jumperoo while we wait for the locksmith to arrive.  Yup, that's right, I locked the keys in the trunk of the rental car that night.  Smooooth.  I really started to panic when the car we had been upgraded to was smart enough to tell that the door had been jimmied and wouldn't allow the trunk to open...and when the locksmith handed me a flashlight and a hook and told me to "go fishin'!".  

"Yo Gabba Gabba...we can't look away..."

We had a great evening with great friends and wish we could do it much, much more often!      


Friday, June 1, 2012

Random Scenes from May...

Did you know this is just an empty wrapper?  I was hoping for a Mum-Mum, please.

But I still love you anyway, empty wrapper or not.  

A quick pose before heading to a Memorial Day cookout at our friend Nikki's house.  We don't have any pictures of this outfit, and based on the way his belly was hanging out of the bottom of the shirt at the cookout, it might be on its way to a storage tub soon.  'Merica.  

A boy and his dog.  Her tolerance of Jack negates some of her many annoying traits.

You like my new jammies from Liam?  Yeah, I'm one stylin' little rascal.

Watching the beginning of the race with Mom while Dad was at his basketball tourney in car jammies, of course.

Our only picture taken on Mother's Day and here we are both looking like ragamuffins.  You can tell that we relaxed the heck out of that Sunday.