Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Video "Monday"

Jack has one of the giant bears from Costco in his room and started noticing him more in the last several weeks.  He gets a huge kick out of Brownie and we get a huge kick out of watching him play!

 P.S. - Sorry for the sideways video about halfway through, and the annoying parent chatter that's always present in these videos! Just tilt your head...and tune us out.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jack's Baptism

Jack was baptized on Sunday, May 6th at Trinity when we were home for the mini.  He did great throughout the church service, and my personal highlight was when he loudly pooped right before it was our turn to go to the front of the sanctuary.  Luckily it stayed well contained and other than the stink and the grunting, no one was the wiser.

He wore Uncle Rob's baptism short outfit from exactly 23 years ago, with the addition of a new bow tie and slippers a la Becca.  She made these items using fabric from the shawl that came with my wedding gown.  It was a very special outfit despite not having one single close-up of it.  Whoops!

This Indiana humidity is making my Gene Wilder wisp curl up like crazy!  

A great group photo.  And to think, we arranged ourselves!

Chatting before brunch.

 Grandma Agnes meeting Jack for the first time and immediately having her jewelry mauled.  

I don't think she minded.  

Brent's parents and Grandma Agnes and Sonny joined us at the service, and then we had a larger, but small, gathering at Mom and Dad's with some friends.  We enjoyed a yummy brunch of Wake-Up Casserole, Hashbrowns Helen, Cinnamon Rolls, Fruit, and white cake for dessert.

 This flower on your head is mesmerizing!

This needs to be further investigated.

Caroline and Aunt Bee

Our first time meeting Grant!  I held him almost as much as I held my own boy.  He's just so darn sweet!  The baptism boy was all worn out from his special day.  

I say this everyday, but Thank You Lord, for our sweet Baby Jack.  He's the best thing we've ever had and we will try to raise him Your way.  Please help us when we don't know what to do...You always know the way.   



Monday, May 21, 2012

Video Monday

By naming this post "Video Monday", I am implying that there will be a new video on the blog every Monday.  We'll see, my friends, we'll see.  For now, enjoy this little snippet of Jack enjoying his puffs.  We gave him these on Thursday and he never looked back.  He's been getting more food in small chunk variety since then and loving it.


What's in Your Trunk?

I was unloading groceries yesterday and cracking up at the random stuff in the back of our SUV.  So...what's in YOUR trunk?  (If it's a body, please don't incriminate yourself...I don't want to be involved.  Just pass on this poll.)

#1 - The Snap 'n Go stroller that we're still hanging on to, in conjunction with the infant seat that we're still using because we're just not ready to move him to the convertible seat yet.  Okay, so nothing weird about that.

#2 - The Easter basket that I am hoping to return to JoAnn's at some point this month.  Granny Lou sent Jack a much better Pottery Barn basket for the Easter Bunny to fill, so no need for this one.  I'm 98% sure that JoAnn's does not want this basket back.

#3 - A random dish towel in the bottom of the trunk.  I am guessing this was an accessory to the crockpot of pulled pork I drove across town last month when I hosted Bunco (my dinner and dessert, someone else's house, luckily).  Earlier this year I dumped an entire crockpot of Chicken Tortilla Soup all over the floor of the car, so I'm a little skittish when it comes to driving any sort of distance with a crockpot.

#4 - An old wet diaper from the previous day when we were caught without a bathroom or place to change Jack.  I especially like its placement next to our groceries.  Said diaper has since been removed.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Estes Park - April 2012

All the national parks had a free entrance week at the end of April, so we took advantage of it and went to Estes Park.  Our main purpose was to eat at Poppy's (food as our motivation - shock!), but we also hiked a little bit too in the gorgeous, gorgeous weather.

Sunscreen is first, of course.  Get used to it, Baby Jack.  Odds of you being able to tan are NOT in your favor.  

Finally prepped with adequate sun protection and ready to hike.  And for the record, we do realize now that the Ergo carrier isn't really supposed to be used like that.  I think Jack's hip sockets are unharmed despite our stupidity.  


We need to stay hydrated, Dad.

I wonder if they know that my legs aren't supposed to splay out this way.  Someone save me from these people.

Relaxing post-hike, before lunch.  Don't worry, we do still use a car seat.  :)  



Friday, May 11, 2012

Jack - 6 Month Pictures

We had Jack's 6 month pictures taken around Easter and luckily, I loaded them in a draft post before I ran into my little picture-posting problem (hereby known as Triple P).  Enjoy these pictures of our cutie bug while I figure out how to solve Triple P (it's actually a pretty easy problem to fix, and now I'm just being dramatic).  


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Seven Months.

Weight - between 17 and 18 pounds
Length - longer than 27 inches
Head Circumference - ??

Clothing Size - The 6 month outfits and sleepers are pretty much done now and 9 month and 6-9 month sleepers fit you the best. You're wearing some 12m clothes. Diapers - size 3 and the medium setting of the BGs still.

Hair - Just continuing to fill out, and you've lost quite a bit of the Gene Wilder Wisp on the right.

Sleeping - Great! You still nap 3 to 4 times a day and sleep 9-10 hours at night. No changes here, and you've done well in the pack and play while traveling.

Teeth - I feel like you're teething, but nothing's come through yet.

No teeth?  So what?

Eating - Additions to your food repertoire this month were peas, avocado, peaches, carrots, and some baby food cans/squeezey pouch things. You don't like peas, avocado, or peaches (the last one was a surprise). You aren't drinking as much formula as you were last month now that you're eating two full meals of solids. You probably get about 25-28 oz a day now.  You had your last bottle of breastmilk at 6 months, 3ish weeks.  It was a little bit sad for me, but mainly I'm happy to have gotten you to almost 7 months with breastmilk every day and I feel so free now that I'm not lugging the pump everywhere.

Movement - You scoot backwards some but no crawling yet. You're close to being able to go from sitting to all fours, but not quite there yet.

Milestones - You now ride in your stroller without your car seat all the time, and we're getting close to putting away the Snap 'n Go. You were baptized the weekend of your 7 month birthday - more to come on that later.

Favorite toys/activities - You love your stacking cups, jumperoo, our cell phones, wrappers, and paper. You swipe at everything you can get your hands on!

Dislikes - When we leave the room, when we won't let you have our phones or iPad.

What we love - How you think everything we say is soooo funny right now. We love your smiley little face.

What we don't love - That your diaper isn't making it as long as you sleep at night now. Switching to Overnights tonight - hopefully that does the trick!

What we're looking forward to - Not much on the horizon, so I'll say a quiet month of playing and relaxing.