Monday, May 14, 2012

Estes Park - April 2012

All the national parks had a free entrance week at the end of April, so we took advantage of it and went to Estes Park.  Our main purpose was to eat at Poppy's (food as our motivation - shock!), but we also hiked a little bit too in the gorgeous, gorgeous weather.

Sunscreen is first, of course.  Get used to it, Baby Jack.  Odds of you being able to tan are NOT in your favor.  

Finally prepped with adequate sun protection and ready to hike.  And for the record, we do realize now that the Ergo carrier isn't really supposed to be used like that.  I think Jack's hip sockets are unharmed despite our stupidity.  


We need to stay hydrated, Dad.

I wonder if they know that my legs aren't supposed to splay out this way.  Someone save me from these people.

Relaxing post-hike, before lunch.  Don't worry, we do still use a car seat.  :)  



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Rachel said...

You have my cracking up! Gotta love stupid parenting moves!