Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jack's Baptism

Jack was baptized on Sunday, May 6th at Trinity when we were home for the mini.  He did great throughout the church service, and my personal highlight was when he loudly pooped right before it was our turn to go to the front of the sanctuary.  Luckily it stayed well contained and other than the stink and the grunting, no one was the wiser.

He wore Uncle Rob's baptism short outfit from exactly 23 years ago, with the addition of a new bow tie and slippers a la Becca.  She made these items using fabric from the shawl that came with my wedding gown.  It was a very special outfit despite not having one single close-up of it.  Whoops!

This Indiana humidity is making my Gene Wilder wisp curl up like crazy!  

A great group photo.  And to think, we arranged ourselves!

Chatting before brunch.

 Grandma Agnes meeting Jack for the first time and immediately having her jewelry mauled.  

I don't think she minded.  

Brent's parents and Grandma Agnes and Sonny joined us at the service, and then we had a larger, but small, gathering at Mom and Dad's with some friends.  We enjoyed a yummy brunch of Wake-Up Casserole, Hashbrowns Helen, Cinnamon Rolls, Fruit, and white cake for dessert.

 This flower on your head is mesmerizing!

This needs to be further investigated.

Caroline and Aunt Bee

Our first time meeting Grant!  I held him almost as much as I held my own boy.  He's just so darn sweet!  The baptism boy was all worn out from his special day.  

I say this everyday, but Thank You Lord, for our sweet Baby Jack.  He's the best thing we've ever had and we will try to raise him Your way.  Please help us when we don't know what to do...You always know the way.   



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