Monday, May 21, 2012

What's in Your Trunk?

I was unloading groceries yesterday and cracking up at the random stuff in the back of our SUV.  So...what's in YOUR trunk?  (If it's a body, please don't incriminate yourself...I don't want to be involved.  Just pass on this poll.)

#1 - The Snap 'n Go stroller that we're still hanging on to, in conjunction with the infant seat that we're still using because we're just not ready to move him to the convertible seat yet.  Okay, so nothing weird about that.

#2 - The Easter basket that I am hoping to return to JoAnn's at some point this month.  Granny Lou sent Jack a much better Pottery Barn basket for the Easter Bunny to fill, so no need for this one.  I'm 98% sure that JoAnn's does not want this basket back.

#3 - A random dish towel in the bottom of the trunk.  I am guessing this was an accessory to the crockpot of pulled pork I drove across town last month when I hosted Bunco (my dinner and dessert, someone else's house, luckily).  Earlier this year I dumped an entire crockpot of Chicken Tortilla Soup all over the floor of the car, so I'm a little skittish when it comes to driving any sort of distance with a crockpot.

#4 - An old wet diaper from the previous day when we were caught without a bathroom or place to change Jack.  I especially like its placement next to our groceries.  Said diaper has since been removed.


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