Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm Walkin'

Oh yes indeed! Hot off the press...we have a little walker in our house!  Jack took his first few steps last Thursday, but just  yesterday started walking across rooms (with some incentive, usually).  We think it's really cute, of course.  Here he is!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

11 Months.

How many monkeys are jumping on the bed?  

Well Baby Jack, you're 11 months old today. Pretty hard to believe that you'll be celebrating one year of life just a month from today.

Weight - the scale this weekend said 24 pounds
Length - ?
Head Circumference - ?

Clothing Size - 12m are on the way out, and the 12-18m and 18m size fits best, although a little long. Still a size 4 diaper and the large setting of your BGs.

Sleeping - Still great, once you're down. We've gotten into the bad routine of getting you out of your crib and taking "one more spin" through the house if you can't settle down in the first few minutes after we shut your door. Hey, you keep pointing towards the door, so I figure that's what you want? Sometimes this final house walk-through includes some Baby Einstein if you're really upset, like you were tonight. When I put you back in your crib, not a single tear.

Teeth - A third popped through this month, on the top! You're working on that fourth one and I think it bothers you from time to time.

Eating - No big changes here since you went to three meals at 9 months. You love to eat! Your formula intake continues to decrease and we're going to start weaning over to whole milk soon, or at least try if your tummy will let us.

Movement - You're everywhere. Your walking behind the walker has turned into almost running behind your walker, and you use it to get you to stationary objects like the couch, chair, etc. and then transfer over. You walk up and down the length of the furniture and stand by yourself for short periods. You try to dive off couches, chairs, the bed, the changing table, etc. You're a maniac!

Words - You say Mama in context now and you can meow like a cat. A new development this month has been lots of pointing with intention and grunting. You're getting closer! You point at Bonnie whenever we see a dog in a book, and point at Brown Bear when we see a bear.

Milestones - Taking your first long vacation in Pagosa Springs, saying goodbye to Katie when she went to college (we miss her!), and having your first of hopefully many play dates with your friend Jack!

Favorite toys/activities - You're obsessed with taking things out of containers and sorting through the pile. Books (yours and ours), laundry (again, yours and ours), toys from your baskets, spices in the cabinet, my purse, your diaper bag, etc. You like to point the remote at the TV and make grunting sounds, and you hold your stacking cups up to your ears. You love to swing at the park and we take you many evenings a week. I don't know if you'd ever tire of it if we didn't make you stop so we can eat dinner.

 Dislikes - Having your diaper changed and getting dressed, not getting your food fast enough in the high chair, having your fingernails trimmed.

What we love - Your sweet face. Momma (secretly) loves how you want her to carry you around all the time.

 What we're looking forward to - enjoying your last month as an infant! Sniff.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Who Needs a Housekeeper?

When you have Jack?  Here he is helping me with laundry.  He learned how to sweep the floors a few days ago, and we might move on to cleaning the toilets after he turns 11 months next week.