Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jack Facts - 15/16 months

Happy 16 months, Jack!  

Weight - 25 lbs 14 oz - 64th percentile
Height -  31 3/4 in. - 60th percentile
Head Circumference - 19 in - 76th percentile

Teeth - 10!  Three teeth popped through during the month of January and two more are getting close.

Words and Sounds - Bath, basement, no, down, up, Blue Dog ("bluu"), banana, yeah, Hi, hot, more, milk.  Some of these are new in the last week or so.  Last night I got you out of the bath and started yelling for your dad to bring up the clean laundry because you were all out of jammies in your drawer.  I started yelling "Breeeennnt, Brent, help!" and you started yelling for Brent too.  Whoops, I meant..."Daaaaaaaaddy!  Help!"  I suppose it's officially time to watch what I say.

Eating - you still have a good appetite but have gotten a little pickier on us.  Things that you've sworn off for now are eggs and most meats.  You're eating a lot of Greek yogurt, beans, and peanut butter toast for protein.  Your affinity for macaroni and cheese, bananas, and broccoli has grown deeper.  It's pretty common, though, that the daycare report says "all" beside each food item we've packed - meaning you've slammed your hippo lunchbox full of food.  You are getting pretty good at feeding yourself with a fork and spoon - held in your left hand.      

New things you can do:
* roar like a lion
* put your finger to your mouth and say "shhh"
* make an elephant sound and move your arm like it's your trunk
* blow kisses
* blow on your food
* identify your nose, eyes, ears, hair, and feet

Things you like to do:
* sit on our heads if we're lying on the floor while playing in the basement
* grab the computer mouse and put it to your ear like you're talking on the phone
* pull Bonnie out of your chair...or just sit on her in a squatters rights stand-off
* throw things - doesn't have to necessarily be a ball - always with your left hand
* have dance parties in the basement
* give hugs
* rock and sing songs at night
* sign "more" for everything, all the time
* feed yourself with a fork or spoon
* draw with an ink pen - again, left-handed

Things you don't like to do:
* brush your teeth
* have your nose wiped
* get out of the bathtub
* watch us leave the room at school

What we think about you at 16 months: 
Other than that we think you're the greatest thing since sliced bread, you mean?  Well, we think you're a busy, busy, wild man.  You're into everything and we both hit the mattress pretty exhausted at the end of each day.  You are so playful and good-natured.  Your smile comes easy and you're such a pleasant child.  We're so proud of how well you did during your transition to school and are proud to claim you as our precious baby.  Typing this out and thinking about you makes me smile.