Friday, June 1, 2012

Random Scenes from May...

Did you know this is just an empty wrapper?  I was hoping for a Mum-Mum, please.

But I still love you anyway, empty wrapper or not.  

A quick pose before heading to a Memorial Day cookout at our friend Nikki's house.  We don't have any pictures of this outfit, and based on the way his belly was hanging out of the bottom of the shirt at the cookout, it might be on its way to a storage tub soon.  'Merica.  

A boy and his dog.  Her tolerance of Jack negates some of her many annoying traits.

You like my new jammies from Liam?  Yeah, I'm one stylin' little rascal.

Watching the beginning of the race with Mom while Dad was at his basketball tourney in car jammies, of course.

Our only picture taken on Mother's Day and here we are both looking like ragamuffins.  You can tell that we relaxed the heck out of that Sunday.  


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Emily said...

ahhh.... he's so cute! and even more cute (if that's possible) not that i've got to hold and love on him~