Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Swimming Fools!

It's been uncharacteristically hot here (I'm sure you don't know what that's like!) and we've hit the pool three times in the last week!  Our subdivision has a great pool and we are now official cardholders, and not a minute too soon since we'll be moving out in a couple weeks.  We also visited the Bear Creek Swim and Tennis Club on Friday night to swim with our friends, the Rotters.  Jack's first swimming experience at our neighborhood pool went so well that I got brave and dunked his head last Friday...and he loved it.  He spent the rest of his time in the pool trying to stick his face back in the water.  Tonight, he realized he could do that in the bath, too!  So funny...can't wait to take him to swim lessons in a few weeks!

My size medium rash guard doesn't cover my belly, Mom.

We also bought a baby pool and set it up in the backyard (before we got our pool passes and when we could never remember to put swim diapers on our Target list).  It's a good back-up if we don't feel like loading everything up to go to the real pool.  Our new neighborhood has a nice pool and we're only a street down from it, so we shouldn't need to rely on the crab too much to stay cool this summer!



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