Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Indiana Trip Part II - The Baubby Schowa

Many days ago, I blogged about Jack's baptism on Sunday, May 6th and our night with the Sinders and Mitchells on Friday, May 4th.  Now let me fill you in on another very fun day that fell in between - Mini Day and Baby Shower Day!

We stayed at Carrie's on Friday night and Brent woke up early to head downtown for his 6th running of the 500 Festival Mini Marathon.  (Actually, we were really up pretty much all night with a tossing and turning Jack, who was sleeping in a pack and play in our room.  Around 3 a.m. we realized he was restless because he had a major diaper leak, poor babe!)  Brent's 6th running was his best, and he was a top 500 finisher this year for the first time!  Conditions were brutally hot and humid but he held strong at the end to clinch one of the special medals.  Very proud of him!  

Anyway, Brent left for the race and Carrie and I got to work prepping our Cinco de Mayo-themed, surprise baby shower for Christi and Ashley!  Baby Stella was a little more than a month old at the time and Christi was about three weeks away from having Baby Charlie, so the timing was perfect!

Baby Stella!  

I love this picture!  Jack's first smile was for Christi when she and Carrie visited us last November.  I think they just get each other.  :)

Love these ladies!  


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