Sunday, December 18, 2011

Check off Sunday, Bring on Monday

Tonight's report from the ICU is still a positive one.  Rob made it through the day with much improved breathing and stable stats.  It seemed like each time we went back today they were either getting ready to start dialysis or were waiting on the machine.  By the last visitation they finally had it up and running.  It's a different type of dialysis that will last for two days.  When Dad left tonight around 9:00 his blood ox was at 98 (a rarity!), the oxygen he was being given was still at the lowered rate of 60%, and his fever had broken. 

Rob seems to have a fever every other day of 102 or higher.  I personally haven't been too concerned about it, but I think it's because there are SO MANY things to be concerned about that it's one thing I've brushed out of my mind.  A survival tactic that I've developed is to find at least one positive thing from the nurse's report each time I go back to his room.  I then focus my energy on being happy that he has that going for him, even if it's only one tiny positive thing.  The nurses help me find the positive and sometimes the only thing we find is that he's a young, strong, healthy kid and if anyone can bounce back from his accident, he's got the best chance.  I'm glad that today we had many more victories to celebrate than just that.

Another major positive today was a steady platelet count.  He hasn't received any platelets since Friday afternoon, but his count is now at 101,000.  Remember that 100,000 is our magic number for the pressure monitor surgery.  This means that not only is he retaining the platelets he's been given, but that he is more than likely manufacturing his own again.  I'm anxious to hear what his regular doctors say tomorrow morning after checking his labs.           


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