Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Evening Update

Word from the ICU this evening is that Rob continued to move more and more throughout the afternoon and early evening.  He seemed to be trying hard to open his eyes but can't quite do it yet.  Other great signs are that he started coughing and once raised his head up off the bed.  I was so happy to hear this report tonight.  It shows that there is brain activity and that he's still fighting hard.  He was acting agitated, and they don't want him to move too much, so he is now sedated again.

Aunt Lori told me there were so many visitors pouring in all evening, mostly his sweet friends.  They were holding his hand, stroking his face, telling stories, and really loving on him.  She said that the general sentiment is just so positive and that his friends are just sure he's going to make it...and I am too.

Any Modern Family watchers out there?  Of course there are.  Remember the Thanksgiving episode?  There are dreamers and there are Pritchetts.  I tend to be more of a Pritchett - or a realist, as I would say.  But this morning I had to pull myself together and not let myself go to the dark side.  Yes, his accident was extremely traumatic.  Yes, he has a long way to go.  But gosh darn it, he's gonna make it.



ashley said...

SO happy to read this update! what a fighter he is! :)

Abby Zehner said...

Staying positive and having faith can move mountains.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pillars family,

There are many, many people praying for you and pulling for Rob. Thank you Lindsey for these posts. Our prayers will be specific and directed.


SaraRose said...

Thank you for the updates, cousin. I am a dreamer (yes, Scott and I saw the thanksgiving 'pumpkin chunkin' episode). Our thoughts are with Rob and my friends are praying for him.

Lucretia Cardenas said...

Great news! We'll keep praying!

Vi Wysong said...


We are holding Rob and your family in our prayers. Thank you for keeping us posted.