Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Rob did well with dialysis yesterday and will more than likely get another round today.  They took 15 pounds of fluid from his body.  Removing that, along with all the toxins that his kidney wasn't processing, will surely help him.  Dad stopped in this morning and said that he's on his back again and doing well with it.  His blood ox level is consistently 97-98.  Dad said that nurse Adrienne is back today.  She was there last Sunday when they brought him in, so we're maybe finally through the rotation of new nurses.  Compared to where he was last Sunday, Adrienne thinks he's doing well.

I haven't gone to the hospital yet to ask my usual annoying questions, so I have no platelet count for you and don't know what his oxygen is turned down to.  There's talk of giving him blood tomorrow, so that tells me his hemoglobin is probably about the same. 

There's a meeting scheduled with the head doctor in the ICU this evening, so I'll have a better update after that takes place.

Please continue praying with us.     


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Darlene & Tom Gisel said...

We appreciate your updates Lindsey! I know it gives you something to do & prevents all the questions repeated many times a day, by keeping us informed. Our family prayers are ongoing for your family & Rob! You are on many prayer lists/chains around the midwest! God will see you all through! :)