Thursday, December 29, 2011


Sorry for not posting an update yesterday, friends.  I was too busy living through the super contagious Stomach Flu of Christmas 2011 last night to make it down to the computer.  At least it's a fast-mover!

Rob is supposed to get his trach today, and not a minute too soon judging by his swollen throat and the alertness that is causing him to try and rip out all his tubes this morning.  That's right - he's WIDE awake.  Dad, Aunt Dena, and Uncle Drew are down there with him now and he definitely knows them.  They'll be getting the tubes out of his throat when they do the trach surgery this afternoon and hopefully they can untie his arms later today. 

I honestly can't remember too much of what happened yesterday and I didn't go back to see Rob since I was starting to feel bad while I was at the hospital.  I do know that they replaced his dialysis line to minimize the risk of infection and also gave him another round of dialysis.  His hemoglobin was very low since they actually didn't end up giving him a transfusion the other day, so I'll check in with Dad later and see if it wasn't better with this morning's labs. 

Because Rob is so aware and is getting so worked up, we're going to be limiting visitors today.  Just wanted to give you a heads up in case you planned to come down to the hospital this evening.  We hate for anyone to make the trip in and then find out they can't see Rob.  Hopefully tomorrow it will be fine again. 

Dad says the neurologist sounded the most positive about Rob than ever before.  Dad says it's been a good day so far.  :)

Please say a prayer that the trach surgery goes well and that he continues to do well today so more ortho surgery can take place tomorrow.  I imagine that the surgeons are getting pretty anxious to start on the hip and continue with his knee. 


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Anonymous said...

Great to hear Rob knows everyone! And SOOOO sorry I gave you the flu :-( I was hoping you guys dodged it. I hope the rest of the family fights it off.