Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Memphis Two Fister

Not much to report tonight, friends.  Rob rested comfortably all day and his blood gas was much improved this afternoon from the morning reading.  They seemed to find the right protocol to keep him well-oxygenated, at least for now.  He had another echo done this morning that shows his heart is still perfect.  Yay - something that's perfect!  His creatinine (the indicator of kidney function) level dropped throughout the day, which is also positive for him.  This drop confirmed that he would not be having dialysis today and risk disrupting his breathing. 

On a somewhat related note, there's a Hall's restaurant across the street from the hospital and every day we arrive we see this sign:

And every day I've thought, "Oh my...surely that's a sandwich."

Today we had two sweet UPS guys visit us, Chris and Brandon, and bring us a gift card from the night crew for none other than Hall's restaurants.  So after getting a good Rob report, Mom, Dad, Stormy and I slipped away for a late lunch.

Here's the old Two Fister in all its glory...

...and Dad enjoyed every bite.

Then we got one to go for Brent, who was at home again watching Jack today.  He gave it two fists thumbs up.  Thank you, UPS guys!  It was nice to get away for a bit.

We can't say thank you enough for all the support and prayers.  We so appreciate friends who've kept us company in the waiting room the last few days even though we unfortunately can't visit with Rob right now.  Please hang in there with us as he will rely heavily on all of you once he's awake and beginning the rehabilitation process.  I can't wait for him to see all of his messages and realize how loved he is. 



Rachel said...

Glad you found an opportunity to slip away and hopefully take your mind off of everything.

I need to know - did you get the two fister?

Lindsey said...

Rach, I didn't. I went the healthy route with a fried fish sandwich instead. :)

Julie Carmicheal said...

Lindsey - thanks for the updates so we can pray specific needs. God has not let us down yet with the progress you have shared! We are thankful that you are able to be there with your folks and provide a ray of sunshine, and anytime you need a babysitter, both of my girls are home for the holidays, with Erika home till mid-January. God bless you all and keep you healthy and safe.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, LouAnn and Lindsey
Know that all your grandmothers friends in Effingham are praying for Rob. Thanks to your blog we are able to keep up with what is happening.
Pat B