Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 6

Another resting day here in the ICU.  We found Rob exactly as we left him last night, with good vitals but still not tolerating being in the Roto-Prone (rotation bed) on his back.  He's better if he's hanging face down so that's exactly where they're going to leave him for now.  His platelets have risen to 91,000 (100,000 is where they would like them to be), but they definitely don't have plans to start monitoring his brain until they can stabilize his lungs.  Nurse Jamie said he's still fighting the ventilator and his lungs are very tight, which explains some poor blood gas readings over the night and this morning.  He's taking his own breaths but because the lungs are so tight they would rather let the ventilator do all the work right now.  I'll be slipping back later this afternoon to check on his last blood gas and hope it's going in the right direction after the tweaks they made to his vent. 

The kidneys continue to be a concern, but no dialysis is scheduled for the moment.  We're taking it hour by hour until they find the right rhythm to oxygenate him.

They're being very protective of him again today, so we won't be touching or speaking to him, only talking with his nurses if we do go back.  This is our third "rest" day now and we will sure feel better when the breathing is more stable.




Anonymous said...
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Emma and Greg said...

Hi Miss Lindsey :) We are praying hard for Rob and the rest of you :) but let u's know if u need anything at all... Love and miss u!

Anonymous said...

Dear Pillars Family,

We continue to pray for each one of you.

Joe Pounds