Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Feeling Encouraged

Sorry for the delay, friends!  I have had a lot of texts about the CT scan results today and I'm sorry to keep you all in suspense! 

Rob did not have the CT scan done after all.  There, how's that for anticlimactic?  We're not sure exactly what transpired, but believe that the neurologist made a call last night that he was still not stable enough to risk moving him.  Dr. Dozier seems to think that the CT scan of the head isn't a make or break test at this point until his lungs are in better shape.  I'm almost relieved that they didn't move him around and set him back after the slow progress he's made over the last week.

We're feeling encouraged tonight because in Rob's chest x-rays today there was evidence that his air sacs are beginning to work on their own.  Because of this, the PEEP on his ventilator was turned down a little bit this evening to see how he would respond.  From talking to his nurse, Kim (a former high school classmate of mine - small world!) and a little Googling, I roughly understand PEEP to be the amount of air pressure exerted into his lungs during each respiration of the ventilator.  When I was talking to Kim his pulse oxygen reading fell as low as 85 while he was trying to respond to the new settings.  She was actually on the phone with the doctor when Rob coughed and the reading came right back up into the 90s.  They like his pulse ox to read 89 or higher, and a buzzer sounds when he gets to 85.  When Mom and Dad left after the final visitation tonight he was back in the high 90s.       

Sidebar: This medical stuff and what they can do for people is all just fascinating to me.  If I had enough productive years left in me to pay off my student loans after 10 more years of school, I would maybe consider going back to be a doctor.  That, and if I wasn't terrible at science.  The only way I got through Physics in high school was by being annoying asking questions after school, and maybe throwing in a look of pathetic bewilderment and the occasional teary eyes.  I seriously just didn't get it.  And I'll forever be indebted to my lab partner Ashley Ream for carrying me through CP Chemistry.


Rob had another round of dialysis today and also received more blood.  His hemoglobin wasn't rising and I think they finally just decided to do the transfusion since they've been on the fence about it for several days.  He hasn't gotten any blood since Friday, so that's really pretty good.

It was a good day overall, even without a CT scan.  I'm taking the morning shift tomorrow and I hope to find Rob just how we left him, with good oxygen saturation and the same decreased PEEP setting.  This is how they wean people off the ventilator, so I hope we can continue trending that way.

Thank you again for all your great comments, prayers, snack baskets, cards, gift cards, meals, etc, etc, etc.  We can never begin to adequately express our appreciation for your kindness.  And a big THANK YOU to the lovely Erika for watching Jack for me today.  :) 



ashley said...

yay for a good day!

i just wanted to add i have very clear memories of sitting behind you and ashley in cp chemistry. i also remember eating spress? and that i always made emily goss do all our lab work b/c i had NO idea what was going on!

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, thank you so much for keeping us informed about Rob. All of your grandmother's friends here in Effingham are continuing to pray for all of you.
Pat B