Thursday, December 22, 2011

"He looks better than he did 12 hours ago when I left him..."

Rob had another great day.  He responded well to the decrease in PEEP throughout the night and they turned his ventilator settings down from 32 breaths per minute to 14 to force him to breathe more on his own.  He did great with that today and still had pulse ox readings in the high 90s.  Kim was his nurse again tonight and my post title is her direct quote.  Well, I wasn't there, so that might be false reporting...but she said something to this effect. 

He's still heavily sedated because they want his body to relax as it responds to the vent weaning.  Makes sense to me - can we sedate him the entire year while they're fixing all those broken bones?  I think it might be safe to say we're starting the weaning process now!  I hesitate to make any proclamations like that because it's always possible he'll go the other way tomorrow.  Thus is the up and down of the ICU, but we need to celebrate when we can. 

I stayed home with Jack all day so I don't have any other data for you, but I'll be back in the waiting room tomorrow with my spreadsheet ready to record all his lab results, stats, etc.  Just kidding.  I don't really have a spreadsheet...but it's not a bad idea.  :)


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