Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Update...It's Friday, Right?

Today's another rest day for Rob.  After fighting with the ventilator and dropping his stats, they put him back on the rotation bed last night around midnight.  He immediately improved.  The transfer to his rotation bed on Sunday after the accident caused him to code, but last night he did great and tolerated the move well.  I am personally glad that we weren't here when they did it and just told us about it after all was well.  Moving him around obviously causes us some anxiety.  While it seems like a small step back, we know it's the best for him right now.  Whatever they need to do to keep him stable, calm, and fighting the good fight is alright with us.

Rob's fever is way down today, so thank you for praying for that.  He was going to have dialysis done this afternoon to flush out his kidneys but he's not ready for it today.  The dialysis will require him to lie flat for two to three hours, and right now he's much better off rotating. 

Friends Kory and Courtney are doing a puzzle with Mom and Dad right now, but it's really a pretty quiet day here.  We are restricting visitors today because we need to let him rest.  We've gone back a few times to speak with his nurses today, but we're not talking to him or touching him. 

Nurse Cathy explained to me that when the body goes into shock, the digestive system shuts down first, then the lungs, kidneys, liver, etc.  By keeping him stable and comfortable, the caregivers in the ICU are allowing his body time to wake up from the shock and begin to reverse itself.  The trauma/shock happens quickly, but the reversal can take weeks.  I've never had a reason to know this before, but it makes sense now. 

For now we continue to wait on Rob's body to flip into reversal mode.  We are being realistic and realize we might be sitting here in the waiting room for a long, long time.  As Mom said yesterday, we don't mind sitting here all year as long as we get to take him home.    



Aunt Dena said...

Thank you so much for the updates, Lindsey! I know your blog is being read by so many people and consequently multitudes of prayers are being said for Rob. Keep 'em coming to all!

Lucretia Cardenas said...

Thinking and praying constantly. Is he at a hospital in Fort Wayne? If so, if you are all still sitting there next Saturday, I will try and come sit with you!

Lindsey said...

Lucy - we'll be here. Hopefully we get to see you and I can give you a Christmas Eve birthday hug! I'll text you the hospital info. Safe travels!

Sandra Stevenson said...

Lindsey, I am thinking of you and of your extended family as you are going through so much emotionally. "The peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."
You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I send my love to you, Lindsey and to your family, to Brent and Jack.

Sharon said...

Sharon and Ted Switz,

We are constantly looking for updates and hoping and praying for Rob's improvement.

Prayers from all the people who care make a huge difference in this type of situation.

Lindsey and Brent, Ted and I are thinking and hoping Rob will recover to continue to hold little Jack in his arms. Our love.