Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Afternoon Update

I will be updating as much as I can here on the blog so that those of you who are pulling for Rob know how it's going.  Hopefully most of this is right....I'll have a much more accurate account starting tomorrow evening when I'm sitting there with my parents and can hear it all firsthand.  

Today has been a very up-and-down type of day in the ICU.  Early this morning, they shut off the nitric oxide going to Rob's lungs and started reducing the oxygen to see how he would do.  Late last night Rob had 60% lung function, which is great considering he wasn't breathing on his own Sunday.  After reducing the oxygen flow his blood-ox level started to fall again, so they put him back on.  The optimist in me just thinks it's too soon to do it considering the trauma he experienced.  The good news is that his lungs are getting better.

They also took him out of sedation this morning and hoped to see him be responsive soon after.  He's been moving his arms and legs some and his eyebrows will go up when someone talks to him.  However, his reaction has been slower than they'd hoped, and this might indicate trouble with his brain.

My very limited experience with how this works tells me that we have to think in terms of action items so we can stay positive and not go crazy.  Here are the action items they're working on now:

1.) Continue working on getting the blood to clot better so a pressure monitor can be inserted and his head injury can be better assessed.

2.) Continue to wait for him to move around more and come to life.  I'm told his eyebrows moved a LOT when some girls were in there talking to him.  So...

Action Item 2a.) Here's a callout to all the cute girls he knows - please go visit.  (I'm kinda kidding.)

Please continue to pray with us.




Cassie said...

Lindsey, I am glad to hear that things are getting better no matter how slowly. Tyler and I are praying every night and throughout the day for a speedy recovery. Sending Hugs and Love your way.


ashley said...

we are praying, praying, praying, and thinking of you all non-stop. if thought i was a cute girl rob would raise his eyebrows for, i'd be there in a second! :)

Emma and Greg said...

Okay there is some great news in there, so greg and I are also continuing to stay optimistic and pray our hearts out! :) You can do it Rob! (please tell him a cute cheerleader chanted that) :) Lots of love your way... Miss you!

House of Pillers said...

Lindsey, not sure if your mom knows this or not but one of my sons had a similarly serious injury before I married Johnny. God does answer prayers and ours are going up constantly for Rob and all of you. We are also praying for wisdom for his doctors. We love you all. Pam & John

Sara C. said...

you are welcome! lots of prayers, i am sure this is so difficult for you being far away... but it sounds like you'll be home soon! take care and safe travels. prayers for Rob's recovery, for the nurses and doctor's taking care of him and for all of your family!!