Thursday, January 5, 2012

Three Months.

Baby Jack, I'm not sure how you're three months old already.  You were a happy boy all day today - you must have heard, like I did, that three months is usually when colicky babies figure out that there's nothing to be so upset about.  I love you more and more every day.


Weight - I would say between 11 and 12 pounds.  We'll have another official weight check at four months.

Length - I don't have a guess, but you're busting out of the feet in your 3 month sleepers.

Head Circumference - We'll see in a month!

Clothing Size - 3 month Carter's still fit well if there aren't feet; your most comfortable sleepers are 3-6 months.  You still wear size 1 diapers and your BGs fit now.

Hair - You still haven't lost any and I see more blonde fuzz coming in.  I love your hair!

Sleeping - You sometimes sleep through the night and sometimes you wake up after six hours.  I'd say that waking up once is probably more typical.  We've been all over the place with when you go to bed.  In Indiana you go to bed late, and in Denver you are usually down by 9:00.  This probably is because of the time difference, but it wasn't really intentional.  

Eating - You eat 4-5 ounces every three hours or so.  We've been giving you more 6 oz bottles and you seem to be pretty content, so we'll probably start doing that more.  You primarily have breast milk but you always have one or two bottles of formula a day, too.  You still nurse in the morning.

Movement - You move more and more all the time.  Your big thing this month is to move yourself 180 degrees in your crib if we don't come and get you right away.  You move your right leg all the time and have really been chomping on those hands.  Grandma and I caught you sucking your thumb yesterday, but we'll see if that sticks since you really love your pacifier.  Another new thing this month is "standing" up in your car seat or bouncy seat to try and escape.  Looks like it's time to start strapping you into all your play equipment!  You like to bounce up and down on our legs, which makes me really excited for you to be big enough for your jumperoo.

Milestones - Your 1st Christmas, being away from me all day while I hung out at the hospital with Uncle Rob.  You took your third and fourth flights and you're getting trickier to travel with the older you get.  You just want to move!  Santa brought you a Bumbo for Christmas and you do pretty well sitting in it for short periods of time.    

Favorite toys/activities - You love stroller rides, both around the house for entertainment and outside in the BOB.  You seem interested in a little Sesame Street and Dinosaur Train, but you can watch football or basketball for almost half an hour if we're holding you.  You like to play Pat-a-Cake, Peekaboo with your taggie blanket, and you think it's the best when we say "Mom-mom-mom-mom" and "Da-da-da-da-da" over and over to you.  I wonder which you'll say first?  Today was the first day you let me read books to you for several minutes without squawking.  I hope you love to read as much as I did when I was younger!

Dislikes - Being still, burping, an empty bottle.

What we love - Talking with you, seeing more and more smiles each day, and when you burrow your face into my chest when you're sleepy.

Mom, you are mildly amusing me today.  

What we don't love - Days when you don't want us to put you down.  It makes it hard to clean this messy house!

What we're looking forward to - Having Jensin stay with us in January to watch you while I go back to work, putting that jumperoo together, and having more days like today! 


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