Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Better Week - Rob Update

Rob becomes a little clearer every day.  Last night he seemed interested in his phone again and was texting people and confirming Facebook friends.  He's still saying some pretty kooky things, so who knows what those texts said.  I sent him a very short text this morning just to see what I would get back, and he replied "Love you too, learns [I think this was Linds spelled wrong and his phone auto-corrected it...I'm 99% sure he doesn't think my name is Learns].  Hopefully getting out of hospital soon."  Oh no, dear brother.  Not soon.  But the more you cooperate the sooner that day will come.  Until then, any dvd requests?

He started with some physical therapy yesterday and it wiped him out for the majority of the day.  My mom said it was hard to believe how tiring a few reps of a simple movement were for him.  We're anxiously awaiting a swallow study this week so he can maybe have something to drink.  I know it's hard for my parents to stand his constant requests for Sprite.  Yesterday he proclaimed that he was going to drink orange juice until he threw up.  I really, really hope they got the swallow study done today so the poor guy can get some Sprite already.

The last thing I want to tell you in this quick update is that he's up for visitors again.  I think the steady-eddies have already figured this out and went to see him today, but I feel it's only right to lift my "no visitor" proclamation from the blog and not leave you hanging.  He hasn't been as restless so we think it's okay, but if he gets agitated at any point they may have to cut some visits short.

Hope you're all having a good week!  Even though it's a short one, I'm beat.  Until next time...




ashley said...

so happy to hear rob is getting better! i think the waiters at our applebees may be joining shelby in not shaving until rob can. we went over the weekend and they were ALL sporting beards!

Anonymous said...

Your parents are a gift. Our prayers are still here with you all.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear Rob's progress. Prayers are said daily for all of you! Thanks, Lindsey, for continuing to post the updates.