Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quick Update

I'm on my way to the airport where I'll soon be trying to wrestle way too much luggage and a 3 month old squirmy boy onto an aircraft, so I'll give just a quick update now while I have a few more minutes in the car.

Rob is still breathing on his own and the ventilator has now even been removed from his room. His dialysis line has been removed because his kidneys are functioning again and he'll be getting a different feeding tube today so those last tubes can come out of his nose. This is big because now he'll be able to have more calories each day and an SLP can begin evaluating his ability to talk and eat, starting with a swallow study.

ICU patients who are down as long as Rob was often have to relearn many basic functions and movements. Everything we do involves the movement of muscles, and when muscles are sedentary for long periods of time there will be the need for rehabilitation. We're getting closer to understanding what type of rehabilitation he will need and where we'll go from here.

I have an updated picture of Shelby and The Beard, so we'll check in with him soon.

As always, thanks for hanging in there with us.


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