Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 31

So what did you all do this evening after work?  We just had the normal evening here.  Ate some pot roast, washed some bottles, talked to my brother on the phone.

That's right - I had a brief conversation with Rob tonight.

Remember how I wrote yesterday that he was making some sounds and trying to figure out how to talk after getting the smaller trach?  Well a few hours after my parents left the hospital, the phone rang and it was nurse Tony.  Rob was able to communicate to him enough to say he wanted to call home, and they put him on the phone.  "Heeeeeeyyyy" was really all they could make out last night, but by this afternoon he fairly clearly asked me, "How are you?".  Ummm, I'm fine, Rob....how are YOU???

Rob and I were never big chatty phone buddies, but man I've missed that guy.  I'm going to be bugging him all the time from now on - one of many ways I want to change as a result of this experience.  

The move went well today.  Rob's really restless.  He wants a drink, wants to eat, wants to move, etc.  They've given him a little something to help him sleep so he can prepare for tomorrow when he will learn how to swallow again.

It's amazing how far Rob's come from 4 1/2 weeks ago!

On an unrelated note, if you've gone back to any posts before the accident, you know about those adorable twins Owen and Olivia.  Well, good news - after 69 days in the NICU, Olivia is home tonight!  Prayers for Owen that he is soon to follow so this very long, exhausting experience can end for our friends and they can start the next exhausting, but fun, phase of their lives - caring for twin infants at home!



Rachel said...

Rob is certainly a miracle!

Owen and Olivia thank you for the special blog recognition!

Tammy (Ernsberger) Hamilton said...

That is such wonderful news...It brought happy tears to my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful in so many ways. Only a matter of time before he calls you to sing a song. Rob is da'man.