Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rob Update - Day 43

43 days in the hospital sounds ridiculously long, but not when you think about what things were like on Day 1 compared to now.  I haven't updated much this week because of that whole full time working mom thing, but now that I'm taking some time to do it I'm happy to only have good news to report.

The first week Rob was in Select Care was hard on everyone, but things have much improved since then.  He moved rooms this week which helped with the noise level and makes it easier for him to rest.  It sounds like he's back to an almost normal sleeping pattern of sleeping through the night again.  (Hey, Jack too!)

The best news of the week was the completion of his swallow study, which he passed with flying colors.  They knew he could swallow from observation, but needed to observe liquid and food moving through his esophagus with an x-ray to make sure everything was headed to the right place and not into his lungs.  That day he finally got some Sprite...and has had Mountain Dew, Ensure, orange juice, etc. since then.  He was so desperate to drink something in the previous days leading up to the swallow study that he even asked for a V8.

He was able to eat for the first time in over forty days on Wednesday, and continues to eat normal meals in very small portions.  His feeding tube is still being filled at night, but we're hopeful those days are numbered.    

We're hopeful that Rob will spend his 23rd birthday (next Monday the 30th) back at Parkview after his release from Select Care.  Check back later for party details!



Emma and Greg said...

Lindsey! :) I know isnt it crazy that I'll be 37 weeks come friday... WOWZAs! And while i've been saying girl the whole time, once we saw these ultrasound pics I have to admit my gut feeling flipped... I too now think its a boy mainly because I swear LP has greg's lips and cute little nose :) But i've been apologizing to the baby lately just in case im wrong ;) And i'm glad to hear that we are sharing similar symptons... gives me an idea (even if I'm way off base) and I always like guess-timating :) We'll keep you posted.

PS: on a sidenote, glad rob is doing so well and is able to celebrate his birthday at the end of the month :) Go Rob! Go!

How are you, brent, and the peanut doing? take care pretty lady... Miss you lots! :)

Tammy Hamilton said...

This blog is a blessing! So Happy for your family. Keep it up, Rob!