Monday, January 2, 2012

Breathing on His Own

The ventilator was turned off all day today...and Rob did just fine with it.  He had a successful four hour CPAP trial yesterday and they decided to give it a go today and see how he did.  The evening respiratory therapist said she's never seen anyone do so well with the changes they made for him in the last few days.  He now has an aerosol generator covering the trach, and his nurse has the ability to quickly put him back on the ventilator if needed.


I didn't go to the hospital today but hear that Rob was a little bit cantankerous.  We think he's really frustrated.  Mom asked if he knew he was in the hospital and that he was in an accident and he shook his head yes.  I guess we can quit telling him every time he wakes up now - I bet that was getting annoying!  He sat up in bed most of the day but I'm sure he has to be SO tired of lying there.   

We haven't talked next steps yet but imagine it's coming soon.  Tomorrow is Day 24 in the ICU and I would doubt there will be too many more, barring any major setbacks.

All of you fine folks reading this blog were pretty successful at praying Rob back to life, so I'm going to ask you to say another prayer for some new ICU patients today.  I have no details other than that Mom and Dad were shut into Rob's room late tonight because of a "situation", and there was a lot of commotion as they brought two patients into rooms and there were potentially two more coming.  I hesitated even posting this since I know so little about it, and because there are lots and lots of people who come in and out of the ICU.  What I do know is that there are people hurting in that waiting room tonight and a prayer for them can't hurt anything.        



Aunt Dena said...

WOW!! That is fantastic news! It is amazing how much Rob is improving...the power of prayer is an amazing thing. Lindsey, you have played such a huge role in Rob's positive progress by keeping us all informed and keeping so many praying for Rob on a daily basis. Thank you Lindsey!!

Anonymous said...

I too want to say thank you and what a big help this has been. There are those of us all over the US who have worked with your Dad over the years and have been following along as Rob has recovered. You have done a great job and we hope you continue the posts just as we continue the prayers for Rob and your family.
-Marcia N

Julie said...

Lindsey, Erika is available and happy to watch Jack! Our God has proven once again He is big enough!