Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rob Update - Day 28.

Today marks the end of Rob's fourth week in the ICU.  The last two days haven't been as eventful, but each day that passes gives him more time to get stronger before he's moved to his next location.  I think we're still unsure if he will be moved to another floor of the hospital or if he'll go straight to the step-down rehabilitation facility when he's discharged from the ICU.  To be discharged, every doctor has to sign off that he's ready.  The last will be his neurologist.  Rob hasn't really been cooperating with the neurologist's requests, and his nurses have been telling him that the more he cooperates the sooner he'll get out.  His last two nurses have both said that he'll follow the commands they give him, but not this doctor's.  Mom said that today he was trying to get out of bed and leave, so maybe he'll connect the dots soon and just give a smile or stick out his tongue on command and be done with it.  :)  We aren't too anxious for him to leave the ICU because the care he gets there is SO good, but we also know that the sooner he can work with therapists at the new facility the sooner he'll have his life back.

The only major thing that has happened lately was another procedure to move his PEG tube down into his intestines yesterday.  The tube wasn't leaking or anything, but it sounds like they just decided that his stomach might not be ready to digest what they are putting into his feeding tube.  The second procedure went well and he seems to be resting much more comfortably than the last several days.

Speaking of resting comfortably, we do ask that if you come to visit and he's sleeping, please let him sleep.  He's had trouble sleeping really since the sedation wore off, and the more he rests the better off he'll be.

Mom's been telling him about the blog and how many of you check in each day.  He seems pretty interested when she reads him comments and Facebook wall posts, and also when she talks about the car decals that his sweet friends designed for him.  Thanks for letting him know you care.

Until the next update....happy weekend!



Anonymous said...

We do keep following, praying, and believing.

Anonymous said...

Sportin' my PILLERS car decal today! Keeping all of you close in thought and prayer! Cathy Thiem