Monday, January 9, 2012

A Big Day

Well friends, I have big news.  Rob is moving out of the ICU tomorrow afternoon and going to an acute intensive care facility inside St. Joe Hospital.  This is a step-down facility that will provide the physical care he needs to heal while he's also doing the occupational therapy part of his recovery.  The average stay at Select Care is 25 days, so we'll see how that plays out.  After Select Care, he'll return to Parkview for intense physical therapy.  There's obviously still a long road ahead.  We'll miss all of his wonderful nurses in the ICU but it will be fun when Rob can walk in there and say thanks for himself.

In other news today, he had x-rays done on his neck and his surgery sites.  If the neck x-ray looks good (I guess they didn't read it today) he'll have his collar removed tomorrow.  Apparently it's really itchy so that will be a relief for him.  He also got a smaller trach today which will make it easier for him to talk when the time comes.  Dad said he was making some noises today so it seems like he's trying to figure it out again.  He also had the sutures removed from his knee, ankle, and foot, and a cast was placed on his hand.

On to the next step, destination: home!    



Anonymous said...

So excited for you guys! Just read your mom's post that Rob called them from the ICU last night!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this blog and sharing all the good news. So thrilled to read about Rob's call on Facebook. I pray often for Rob and the updates help because I always include a prayer of thanksgiving. Grace

Emma and Greg said...

Yay Rob!!! Keep on, Keepin' on! :) Still sending good vibes and plenty of prayers your way :)

Anonymous said...

Very good news!!! We get lots of patients from select and they have said good things about the care there! Hopefully rob has the same experience!
Exciting! Let us know next time you are in town!