Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I'm finding that these posts on Rob are starting to get boring to write...which is more than okay with us! 

Rob's had another two good days in the ICU since I last updated.  He was pretty awake on Friday and yesterday seemed to be even more with us.  He did some big winking at the girls and seemed to really like it when Mom read him all his cards. 

I didn't recognize the second shift nurse last night and introduced myself to her during the 5:00 visitation.  I asked her if she'd ever had Rob before and she said, "No, but I know all about him.  He's quite the celebrity around here."  Not that being a celebrity in the ICU is a good thing, but I guess it's better than being the patient everybody dreads having (which still might happen as we get stubborn Rob back).  Mom told him about this exchange last night and he seemed quite pleased about it.  He's baaaaaack!

It's great that Rob's so awake now but it is also sometimes hard to see.  There are times when he will give us just the saddest look, or a look that seems to say he's tired of doing this.  He wakes up startled sometimes and whoever is with him will calm him down.  I'm guessing that there might be a long period of telling him over and over again what happened and where he is.  He was very interested in the machines last night and kept trying to turn his head to look behind him. 

The most encouraging, almost unbelievable, piece of news from yesterday is that they started his CPAP trials.  The CPAP trial is essentially when they turn off the ventilator and let him breathe on his own for a bit while monitored.  His trial yesterday lasted one hour and he did just fine with it.  I understand these trials to be the beginning of the end of the ventilator.  I don't dare make any I'll stop there. 

I guess this update wasn't boring after all. 

2012 is looking up for our family and we wish all of you a year of health, family, and prosperous times!   



Anonymous said...

Rob's name surfaced in my thoughts this morning during my pastor's sermon.

Philippians 1:3-6

Our pastor explained how happiness is dependent upon circumstance, but joy comes from peace and contentment regardless of circumstance.

Throughout the past few weeks, your updates continually communicate a sense of joy. Today's is especially so. Rob has been so strong. I hope you all realize how your own strength is such a big part of his. Your words, your touch, your tone, your eyes, and your presence all matter and all make a difference.

He who has begun a good work in you, will carry it on to completion.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, your posts are anything but boring! Please don't stop posting - they are so valuable to those of us who are following Rob and your family! I check several times each day for an update! Cathy Thiem

Anonymous said...

I agree with Cathy! Please keep the posts coming! I follow daily. I am so impressed with everyone's strength. Happy New Year!
Anna Leitch (Hamel)