Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's Your Point? Wednesday

This Wednesday really crept up on me.  I wanted to post about our visit to the Westie Walk this weekend, but for the sake of time I'm going to do a quick post and run to keep the WYPW tradition alive.  And today, I really and truly have no point.

1. The Gals Who Run the Coffee Shop in My Building...
...are rock stars.  They know my order by heart (Grande Skinny Hazelnut Latte) and sometimes start it when they see me get in line.  Since I'm a loser who doesn't normally tip them, I'm either going to do something nice for them at Christmas or put a bigger bill in once or twice.  I'm curious - do any of you give little Christmas gifts to the auxilliary people in your life whose work behind the scenes makes you the successful, gorgeous, overachiever that your adoring fans see everyday?  The mailman, UPS driver, hair stylist, dry cleaner, etc.  If so, please state your token gift ideas in the comments.  Please and thanks.

2. Wide Calf Boots
If one of you can point me in the direction of a pair of brown riding boots that fit over my beefy athletic calves and cost less than $350, I'll send one of those Christmas gifts your way this year.  J. Crew carries the Extended Calf size in a boot that I love, but I'm not quite desperate enough to pull the trigger yet.  I think I'll need about 16 inches to pull it off...measured very unscientifically with a piece of string, so give or take an inch.

Sorry, my WYPW items are really self-serving this week...


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Cassie said...

I leave cookies in my mailbox, I normally get cute little boxes from Hobby Lobby and bake a few dozen to give out as gifts.