Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Perfect Weekend

I don't know what it is, but the last two weekends have just been the best!  This is going to be quick because I only have 12 minutes before the new episode of Glee starts (WOOT!), but I have some fun recipes to post for you.

On Friday night Lisa came over to help me make Soft Pretzels, Jalapeno Popper Thingies, and Oatmeal Cookies for tailgating the next day.

The rolling of the pretzels.  I recently discovered the Annie's Eats blog, which has tons of great recipes and is of special interest because Annie is an Indy girl.  She's actually a resident that Lisa's worked with some...and her cooking blog is right up there with PW.

  The removal of the pretzels from the boiling pot was somewhat tricky.  Good thing Dr. Lisa was there to surgically reconstruct those pretzels!

Ours weren't as great as Annie's, but I will be practicing on them again sometime until they're presentable enough to serve.  The taste was great!

I also highly recommend the Jalapeno snacks.  Step #1 - put on latex gloves - is very important, and I read that after it was too late.  My hands were on fire that whole night and the next day from the pepper seeds no matter how many times I washed them.  I didn't use jalapenos...but a hotter type of pepper.  Taking out my contacts that night wasn't pleasant.

This was our first home game we could attend this year - Purdue vs. Ball State.  We moved seats this year - here's my view of the field.  There's one in every section, and he/she's always in front of me. 

The good news is that the basketball players sit in our section, so I can stare at the back of Robbie Hummel's head and dream of basketball season.  If only Chris Kramer hadn't graduated I would be staring at him...le sigh.

Glee's on!  No time for proofing - please forgive!



Rachel said...

I make a recipe from Annie's Eats about 50% of the time for dinner - love her! I had her make the cake and cookie favor for Emily's bridal shower last May, and she did an awesome job. I too "know" her from my days at IU Med School. I need to try those pretzels, but they intimidate me!

Rachel said...

I meant last March...they need to have an edit feature on this thing.