Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's Your Point? Wednesday

Ever seen a blog that participates in Wordless Wednesday?  Welcome to What's Your Point? Wednesday.  I just made it up.  I know, pretty clever, huh?  Feel free to follow my lead and spew a bunch of random things bouncing around in your mind next Hump Day.  Don't leave me hangin'! 

1. Naked Qdoba Burritos
Christi recently turned my onto a build-your-own type of naked burrito.  Here's how you build it:
Pinto Beans
Black Beans
Two Types of Salsa (my fancy would be the Salsa Verde and Roasted Corn Chile)
A pinch of cheese
Chips on the side for dipping

It is probably the healthiest thing you can order at Qdoba (even with the chips) and is still so, so good.

2. Get on Board

I've wanted to find a not-for-profit board for a long time.  Something I was passionate about, someone who needed my talents, something I could do to share some of these blessings in my life and really live.  I feel like I've prayed and prayed that God would show me what I'm supposed to be doing, and I never feel like I get any answers.  This might be an answer, and it might not be, but today I ran across this event called Get on Board that is sponsored by the Lacy Leadership Alliance.  It's a career fair of sorts - not-for-profits set up booths and share their missions, and potential board members (enter moi) try to match themselves up with the right organization.

It's October 11 from 4:00 - 6:30 at Conseco.  Read more here if you're interested in attending...I'll definitely be there!

3. Corn

I love corn.  I really do.  It's one of those perfect veggies that's not really a veggie but makes you feel like you're eating something halfway decent. 

I love pulling a bag of corn out of the freezer in February to put in a crockpot of tortilla soup or corn sausage chowder.

I waited until the last possible weekend and just barely was able to do freezer corn this year, but 26 bags were pulled together from the 5 dozen I bought on Saturday.  It's a big job to do yourself...and much more fun if you have helpers to sing and make up songs while you cut!

4. Doggie Daycare

I'm now one of those people who takes their dog to daycare.  Yup, I did it, and I'll do it again too.  Bonnie went to Lucky Dog Retreat on Friday to play with her friends (about 40 of them, apparently...yikes).  They gave me a little report card and I thought it was adorable.  Not only am I one of those people who takes their dog to daycare, but I'm also one of those people who hangs up the daycare report on the fridge.

5. You Know You've Taken It Too Far When...

You wear a hydration belt/fanny pack when you run, and you like it.

Since I just admitted all that business with doggie daycare, and since I have no shame, here's what going over the running edge looks like:

Yeah, about this picture...I know.  It's spandex, mmm-kay?  I'd like to see your butt in spandex on the internet...triple dog dare you! 

I ran 15 miles on Sunday morning - my longest run ever.  We ran the whole thing, except for the occasional water stop, potty break, and the time it took to dig the snacks from our awesome fanny packs.  I still don't know how I'm going to manage 26.2, but I guess we still have seven weeks to get to that point.  My legs hurt. 




Sara ♥ Jerad said...

what a great post :) ha! love the fanny pack too, i never got to that point but my sister wore one that just had a small pack in front to carry our Gu! speaking of, if you haven't tried that you does help and it's easy to eat while still running. 15 miles is awesome...keep it up! best of luck as you finish training :)

Emily said...

WOW! 15 - proud of you - for sure!!!

Ashley Klonowski said...

I will admit, I also purchased a hydration belt for our Half Dome hike. I was happy that it is called a "hydration belt" instead of a fanny pack, because I am not admitting to having one of those! Hopefully we'll see you guys before the big race, but even so, good luck and good luck with the training!

Rachel said...

1. You totally described my order at Qdoba. I love it, but the Chipotle version is even better (in my opinion)
2. Awesome!
3. Love the corn!
4. Charlie is jealous