Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's Your Point? Wednesday

Just Wednesday, huh?  It must be a long week for lots of you, because it seems the "How is it only Wednesday?!" status is blowin' up Facebook today.

Here are my Wednesday observations, in no order at all...

1. The Spider Above My Front Door...
scares the daylights out of me.  Yet, I am comforted by his consistency.  Every night when I go outside with Bonnie, I hurl my body quickly step through the front doorway because I know he's hanging right above it.  I don't mind him being there and catching the bugs at my front door, but I really just don't want him to decide to let go at the precise moment I'm walking through the door and land in my hair.  Talk about bad timing. 

2. "Drama" and "Epic"
I'm sick of these words.  Put them on the list with "amazing".  Drama here, drama there.  If you find yourself saying "drama" a lot, it's probably because you're the one creating it.  And onto "epic"...a little of it goes a long way.  Not every weekend night of your life is epic.  When I heard Lea Michelle (Rachel on Glee, if you're not a Gleek) say it last night, I knew that epic is on its way to epidemic.  I, for one, am headed out to get the vaccine right now.

3. Time to Kick Up Some Grass...
Dog owners, do your dogs make a big production over going to the bathroom and kick up dirt and grass with their back legs like they're super proud of themselves?  Mine does, and I think it's hilarious.  It's usually with such force that chunks of dirt and clumps of grass pelt against my shins...and by using the word "pelt", I'm being a little dramatic. 

Notice I am against drama, not dramaticizing.  Totally different concepts. 



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Bob and LouAnne said...

One of your best posts EVER!!! Epic, I might say.