Monday, February 2, 2009

"Welcome to the Life of a Teacher..."

...said Ashley's husband Andrew when Brent and I had a snow day last Wednesday. Indianapolis had over a foot of snow by late morning, prompting all schools and most government facilities to close down for the day. Yes, we're weenies...but if it gets us a snow day, I'll admit to that! You've never seen such happy campers than Brent, Lindsey and Bonnie on a very unexpected snow day! We made Rice Krispie treats, chicken tortilla soup, and laid around. Oh, and we made it to the gym. As Laura said, "Wait, the roads were bad enough to close work but you drove to the gym?" Yes, Laura, that's right. All in the name of fitness. While we were there, I had a very strange encounter involving a woman telling me to stop wearing my running capris because they would give me varicose veins. She just walked right over, put her hand up the pant leg of my capri, and then told me how they used to wear those pants in the '80s while doing aerobics but they weren't good for the veins. Little did she know I hadn't shaved in quite awhile (HEY, I wasn't planning on someone touching my leg at the gym, okay?), so she may have gotten quite the shock sticking her hand up my pant leg like that. Very bizarre!

Here's Brent digging Bonnie a potty-path in the backyard, or a snow tunnel as he calls it. What a good dad.

Here I am after practically wrestling the dog to the ground to get her to come inside. I had just spent 20 minutes picking ice balls out of her fur when she ran back outside again. The neighbors were out so she wanted to play. I was knee-deep in snow with those varicose-vein-causing capri pants on, but she was coming back inside no matter what. Brent watched, laughing, from the window and caught the moment on camera. What a naughty puppy. We need someone to dog-sit for ten days in March...any takers?

In other news, we surprised Rob at his birthday dinner on Saturday night at the new Baker Street in Fort Wayne. We were planning a St. Elmo's dinner with the Sinders' but Rachel was sick. Within a few hours we were on our way to Fort Wayne for the evening. I won't elaborate about the dinner yet because I do plan to start a new food blog...but more to follow on that later when I have a little more time.

Chris joined us for the Super Bowl yesterday and we had Apple Walnut salad, lasagna, and Crazy Bread. I was disappointed with the outcome of the game (sorry, you Steeler-loving Terriers...), mainly because I do love Kurt Warner. Sorry, Kurt...

Speaking of terriers, our terrier loves a house guest.

Goodnight, Bloggers. Tomorrow's February 3rd already, so we're making some progress in this very long, long winter. Until next time!

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Rachel said...

As always I have a couple comments:
1. Love of pics of Bonnie in the snow. Charlie loves the snow too. He sits by the back door wanting to go out - not because he has to go potty but because he wants to play it in. When I ignore him, he starts whining and crying to me.
2. We, too, were disappointed with the outcome of the game. Can't stand the Steelers!
3. Glad you had a nice dinner on Saturday night, even if it wasn't St. Elmo's.
4. Chris looks like a model posing with Bonnie on your house.
That's all!