Monday, February 9, 2009


Not much to report here...we had a low-key weekend involving lots of eating (whoops) and watching many movies on television. I maaaayyy have watched Apollo 13 twice...but not the entire movie each time. THAT would just be a big, fat waste of time.
On Friday evening we had our picture taken for the church directory. Our appointment wasn't until 8:20. In hindsight, I wouldn't have picked this time, because let me tell you, I'm not looking my best by 8:20 on a Friday evening. Tired and haggard would be good descriptive words to toss around here. The picture salesman was soooo nice and chatty until we said we weren't buying any pictures, and after that talking ceased and we were out of there in a "flash". (ha..ha..ha)
We enjoyed the nice weather on Sunday and I know Bonnie was happy to get out of the house on a walk. Not that I'm too worried about her happiness at this particular moment, since she and I are on the outs tonight. Why, you ask? I'll show you why.

This is the carnage of what's left of my most favorite glasses ever. You know, the ones I just got in the fall? The glasses that are to thank for tons of compliments (okay, a few) being thrown my way whenever I wear them? Yeah, those glasses. She also destroyed Brent's glasses last month. She climbed up on our nightstands and knocked them down. Who does that????

This weekend we could hear her crying but couldn't find her. This is why she was upset...she'd hopped up on the garden tub, somehow, and couldn't get down. What am I going to do with this dog? That's not rhetorical. Seriously, any tips on surviving this dog?

Enough about stupid Bonnie. The REAL news is that we're all waiting, waiting, waiting for the announcement that Baby Bigelow has arrived! It's 8:08 so if all is going according to plan, Ashley was induced beginning...8 minutes ago! I am so excited. I can't wait to hear if it's a boy or girl! Please pray for a relatively quick and easy delivery.


gina said...

Hi Lindsey! Just remember Bonnie is a puppy.It takes lots of patience. Just sit back with a nice glass of wine and watch her like a hawk!20 minutes and I can't believe we have not heard anything yet!take care.

Brent and Lindsey said...

Hey Gina! Thanks for the advice...I think that's all we can do at this point. She'll get better. :)

Can you believe that it's an hour and a half into it and there are no updates?? I'm dying of anticipation!!! Starting in the morning I'm going to call Nancy's phone every hour, on the hour, for updates.

Just kidding...but if I knew Nancy's cell # I might actually do that...

Enjoy meeting the baby later this week!

Emily said...

Is the baby here yet? I keep checking back to see...

P.S. Bonnie is so darn bad - but SO DARN CUTE!!!