Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sweet, Happy Life

I've been tagged by Megan to list six things that make me happy. I see that none of the people she's tagged have followed her instructions yet, so let me be the first so she knows we still love her and read her blog.

I will make this short and sweet...because the things that make us happy tend to be simple.

1. My Family - trite, but so, so true. What's life without these people?

2. My Friends

3. Books - not that I've done much free reading lately, but the thought that so many wonderful books are floating around out there is exciting.

4. Big Ideas - I carry a Dream Book around in my purse and one of my greatest pleasures is looking at the dreams of my past and adding to the dreams of my future. Imagine the possibilities! Opportunity, hope...they're infinite.

5. Being Strong and Confident- I've long ago given up the idea that stick-thin is something I aspire to be. Strong is beautiful. I bet I can carry you on my back...I don't care who you are. And I have seen now that confidence is everything. Once you've got it, it grows and you don't look back. I love that.

6. Meeting Good People - Nice to know they're still out there. Watching kindness in motion inspires me to be better.


Bob and LouAnne said...

Ohh, good stuff. And yes, I love Megan and read her blog. I just haven't got around to mine yet

Megan said...

Great list! Thanks for reading my blog...oh, and loving me. :)

Megan said...
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Kickin' It With The Koesters said...

Uhhh...I thought we were supposed to include the list in next week's blog! What? Has this become a competition???
I COMMENTED on Megan's list, so she knows I read her blog AND that I love her! So THERE :) hahahhahahahahhahahhahhahahahahahha