Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What a time to be thankful! There are so many things....the people I blog about each week, a marriage off to a good start, a great job and lots of work-life balance, good health, a Starbucks on every corner that treats its employees well and provides them with great benefits....

The list goes on and on!!

Here are some pictures from the Thanksgiving weekend festivities. On Wednesday we met Becca, Andrew and Ashley for dinner at Casa and then joined Emma, Greg & Co. at The Inn for free fries. We forgot they didn't start until 10...oh how things change a few years after college! Brent was blown away by North Manchester and especially by The Inn...I tried to tell him that it wasn't much. To all the Manchester gang - it's not much, but it was ours!

Thursday was Thanksgiving dinner at the Pillers' which included Nick and Stormy. This was their last Thanksgiving in Kendallville after almost 20 years here. Nick already packed up and headed to Philadelphia and Stormy is soon to follow after a few key cases go to court at her office.

Mom woke me up at 4:00 a.m. on Black Friday and she was right as usual - there was grumbling. Once I had my peppermint mocha I was ready to hang out at Best Buy for about 45 minutes while Mom was in line. You'll see her head in a crowd of shoppers later. Big scores of the day: flannel Martha Stewart sheets, a $40 Ralph dress shirt, and a Sonicare toothbrush from Target. WOOO!

Mom and I went to Drew's shower at Gene Stratton Porter on Saturday afternoon. It was a lovely brunch - good job Julia and Jordan! It was great seeing Drew again and helping her get ready for her big wedding to Chris Conrad on December 28th! Drew's big scores of the day: a Kitchenaid mixer from Ma-maw and a "classy" nightie from that mischevious Jordan...Drew loves that kind of thing!! (ha.)

On Saturday night we celebrated Brent's birthday with my parents a week early and he had his favorite, carrot cake. He also opened Mom's big score at Best Buy - Season Three of Entourage, Parts I AND II.

It was a great weekend at home but now it's back to reality! I had a big paper due today but now that it's turned it's nothing but smooth sailing into the weekend. We had a new roof put on our house today that will be finished tomorrow, so I guess that's kind of exciting.

Until next time...

Action shot: running to the car after picking up some tartar sauce for our crab cakes on Saturday...it was serious business!

I don't think he uses his squinty-eyed mean look when delivering packages...

Thanksgiving table favors..nothing says we're thankful more than a chance to win more money.

Emma and I: we call this our "Been out in the cold November Rain" look

I never once noticed this sign at The Inn until now. Hmmm.

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Rachel said...

I have to say, your weekends always seem so much more exciting than mine. I always enjoy reading your blog!!