Tuesday, November 6, 2007

CPA Banquet

On Friday night we headed downtown for the annual Indiana CPA Society banquet. Brent passed the CPA exam last August but just missed the cut-off to be recognized at last year's banquet. I am very proud of him! I won't lie...I did hold his "Congratulations, You Passed!" card when I passed by an old professor and pretended it was mine. Just kidding. But I did hold it for a second and felt its warmth...felt like power to me! :)

The banquet was held at the Crowne Memorial Plaza at Historic Union Station this year. (And P.S., I may not have all the words of that location name in the right order, please excuse me.) I bought a new dress when shopping with Becca a few weekends ago (refer to earlier post) and was toying with the idea of taking it back. So I put the dress on to give it another look before the tags came off and had Brent zip me up. As he was zipping I heard an unnatural noise when it comes to fabric, zippers, and fancy dresses. Then silence. And long pausing.

"Brent, is something wrong?"
"Yup." Holds the detached zipper handle in front of me to see.

Well, I guess I'm keeping the dress! I'm glad it happened, because I LOVE that dress and didn't want to take it back...but do I need it? Hmmm, maybe?! I do now! :)
We got to the banquet with plenty of time to spare, which was good because we walked around the whole building trying every door was saw before finding the entrance. This seems to happen to us, and I always wonder as I watch everyone else walking normally to the entrance, "Why does everyone else seem to know what's going on and we never do?" Silly.

We sat with a table of fellow DFAS-ers but were excited to see old friends from BKD, Manchester and Ball State.

It was exactly three years ago that Dan Waninger and I took this same picture. We were in our senior year at Manchester and were awarded 3rd place in the Case Study Competition at the dinner. I don't have the picture from three years ago handy, but I assure you we are both getting better with age. My dress had a zipper handle in 2004...but other than that it's pretty much the same.

BKD Beckner and Briana

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