Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What Happens When You Get Impatient and Pushy??

You look like a fool. I'll start this week's blog with a funny story from last night. Brent and I were on our way to Chile Verde to meet friends for dinner. I was driving and got stuck behind a slow minivan, but really I'll admit it wasn't going that slow. I was soooo annoyed, why I don't know, and MAY have been following a little closely and MAY have been muttering under my breath. I sometimes do this, which is why Lori and Baleigh bought me the Road Rage Psycho for Christmas last year. You'd just have to see it.

So anyway, this van FINALLY decides to turn, and it's right where I want to turn, of COURSE! I make the turn and think "Sheesh, looks like we'll be behind this FOOL all the way to Chile Verde!!" As I look up out of my road rage trance, I realize that I have followed this van into a high school parking lot. Hello! Meanwhile, Brent is dying and is trying so hard not to laugh. Band practice happened to be getting out at this time, so I drove to the back of the parking lot, did a U-ie, pretended I was picking someone up, and then got back onto the REAL road to Chile Verde. Maybe you had to be there, but the moral of the story for me: don't act like an impatient jackass. You might miss out on where you were headed.

In other news: Brent and I successfully assembled our treadmill last week! It's amazing, and we know it. We're not the most mechanical couple, so it was one small victory. I hope it's the first success story on our way to having built-in book cases and a new deck. Here are scenes from the triumph:

"Ohhhh, so you mean that a dry-clean only dress isn't the best thing to wear while assembling a large piece of machinery?"

Differences between Brent and I: I immediately rip open the bag and start flingin parts around, not even taking time to change after work. Brent reads the instruction manual and changes into an old t-shirt.

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