Wednesday, December 12, 2007

You Know it's Christmas When...

...there are shopping bags all over your house, Starbucks puts your mocha in their Christmas cup with the pretty blue sleeve, and you find yourself developing the most efficient agenda to enable you to celebrate Christmas with multiple relatives in multiple states over a 36 hour period.

Christmas is in the air at the Stevenson household and I'm sure it is in yours too. Last Friday I had a Christmas party with mainly former BKD girls (and two who are still hanging on) at our friend Christi's house. My job was to bring the dessert, and I chose to make a carrot cake. After various problems, included expired baking powder, expired Baker's Joy, and just plain old bad judgment, at 11:30 on Thursday night the tally was: 2 ruined carrot cakes, 0 edible carrot cakes. Needless to say I hit the Panera on my way home from work on Friday hoping to pick up some brownies and shortbread cookies. They had no cookies and two brownies. I ended up with a holiday plate full of assorted breakfast pastries but it was better than nothing.

Christi, Lana, Ashley Carrie, and Candy

On Saturday we decorated, cleaned, put up the tree, etc. One project of the day was to make a lighted star that I found in Martha Stewart Living. Martha said to use 5 bamboo gardening stakes of equal length, but I used dowel rods. Come on Martha, let's not make this harder than it needs to be. You arrange the rods into a star and then secure all the inner and outer points with zip ties. Then I ran a string of lights up each side and secured that with zip ties too. Below are some pictures...I think it turned out pretty well...the star isn't quite as even as I had hoped but it was easy, inexpensive, and a lot better than the inflatable snow globe with Pooh and Friends down the street. I will try to post a picture of that house if I can get one tonight without being creepy.

The frame of the star

Star on floor

Neither of these two shots look quite right to me...I'm thinking I don't know how to use the camera or something...

Our very small but cute Christmas tree...a door buster from Black Friday 2006!


Rachel said...

The star looks great! I can't wait to see it on Sat night. I'm sorry about your carrot cakes but I laughed a little about the Panera experience. I am sure it wasn't too funny at the time though. See ya soon!

Bob and LouAnne said...

I love the star!!!! I'm very impressed. Of course, I am your mother.