Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Cash Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and yours, bloggers. If you're still off work enjoy every last drop of vacation because I went back to work yesterday and it was depressing. Here's a recap of our Christmas adventures:

Gin Blossoms in Effingham
Brent and I headed for Effingham right after work on Friday to meet Mom, Dad, Rob, Lori and Dan for the Gin Blossoms concert at Effingham's new theater, The Rosebud. A band called One Lone Car opened for them, and they were awesome. Dad bought me their CD, which was being sold by none other than Nikki Pope's parents from Alton, IL!! Weird. When I heard that the band was from Alton, I thought, "Hmmm, Nikki Pope's from Alton. Wonder if she knows them." That is a small college girl's mentality that people from big state schools find annoying. "Ohhh, you went to Purdue? Do you know my friend so-and-so?" They never do. However, if it's flipped and they know someone from Manchester, chances are very good that I've at least heard the name.

Cash Family Christmas
On Saturday we celebrated Christmas with my mom's family. Four of the five siblings were there with families, so it was a pretty good turnout and a pretty good time. We planned to go caroling but it started raining. I was so disappointed...I even brought my pitch pipe and everything. Back in high school and college my friends and I always went caroling one evening before Christmas, and I would like to think that we were a big hit. Maybe we'll have better luck next year.

Christmas lounging: poor Brent knocked his kneecap out of place when running on Thursday night. He has a month of physical therapy ahead of him starting next week. He was pretty miserable, especially having it bent on our long car rides.

Cousin Jensin lounging

Dog Whisperer Michael "Pack Leader" Cash and his faithful followers...although I don't think dog nor girl paid too much attention to his commands.

We watched the movie Waitress over the weekend and after it Mom told me I was her LuLu. Here we are, getting ready to go whip up some Falling in Love pie.

We also celebrated Springfield's Most Famous Baby Landon Kutscher's birthday. Did I ever mention that he won a cutest baby contest sponsored by a Springfield radio station? Well he did. We hear that Regis and Kelly are having a cutest baby contest and first prize is a $125,000 college scholarship. If the picture can be baby+bulldog I would say he pretty much has it in the bag. (Sorry to all of you out there with babies.)

Landon on top of his scribble pad

Auntie Lori and her nieces

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