Friday, June 10, 2011

The Move

This is #2 in a series of catch-up posts...I was perhaps a little misleading in the intro of my last blog.  I know you've already figured it out, but no, I am not saying farewell to blogging.  I don't feel that bad about being behind.  I talked about all the farewell parties in that post, but now I'll talk about the actual move.

Brent flew home on a Wednesday night in early April and worked at the house all day on Thursday getting stuff ready to go.  My last day of work was that Thursday, and on Friday we woke up early, finished (or started, who's really keeping track?) packing my things in boxes and cleaning the house to get it show-ready and ready to leave for several months.  It was a fun day, let me tell ya.

Dad came by that morning and was a huge help.  By 3:00 we had everything in the car and rental SUV and ready to start leg #1 of the drive to Colorado.  Just after Dad left and we were literally pulling out of the driveway, a neighbor flagged us down needing a car jump.  Brent and I are the absolute last people you want around when it comes to needing something done mechanically to your car.  We got everything set up, but realized that her battery had some pretty bad corrosion, so we aborted the mission in the name of personal safety for all involved.  You aren't supposed to try and jump a battery with visible corrosion, right?  Sorry to neighbor Alesia that we weren't more help.  :/

We made it to Independence, MO that night and stayed in the only hotel in town with vacancy (and cool with pets) due to a Tim McGraw/Martina McBride concert - Extended Stay America. It was pretty close to the interstate and Bonnie had a freak out about the sound of the semis. There were no lights in the parking lot and we were a little paranoid about our cars packed full of stuff being broken into. All in all, it was a pretty restful night!

We made it the rest of the way on Saturday and made time to visit the Eisenhower Presidential Library in Abilene, KS. You know what that means...another Life List update!

#84 - Visit all the Presidential Libraries

George Bush Presidential Library & Museum - College Station, TX
Jimmy Carter Library & Museum - Atlanta, GA
William J. Clinton Presidential Library & Museum - Little Rock, AR  March 2010
Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library & Museum - Abilene, KS  April 2011
Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library - Ann Arbor, MI
Gerald R. Ford Museum - Grand Rapids, MI
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library & Museum - West Branch, IA
Lyndon B. Johnson Library & Museum - Austin, TX  August 2008
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum - Boston, MA
Nixon Presidential Library & Museum - College Park, MD
The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum - Simi Valley, CA
Harry S. Truman Library & Museum - Independence, MO

It was strangely 90 degrees that day and since we had Bonnie with us we breezed on through the library pretty quickly while she stayed in the (well-ventilated, shaded) car. I will say that of the three we've visited, it was my least favorite. It wasn't laid out very well and the chronological order of events was scattered, which kinda bothered us. Imagine that. It was pretty heavy on WWII memorabilia, which I always appreciate.

Somewhere in Kansas...

Other than the library stop and a few meals at Cracker Barrel, our drive was pretty uneventful.  We made it into Denver on the night of Day #2.  I started my new job on Monday, so we spent Sunday unpacking and getting ready for the work week.  So...that's the move...two and a half months later.  :)


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