Saturday, June 25, 2011

Modern Day Baby Jessica

Send a rescue crew to Golden, Colorado - my West Highland Terrier is stuck underneath the recliner.

She was having a freak out about a loud noise, and somehow burrowed herself underneath the recliner.  Her head is caught over a metal bar and her leg appears to be pinned as well, so we can't lift it up to free her.  Hmmm.  She's not struggling yet, so we're going to give her a few chances to free herself before calling the fire department.  Okay, we're not really calling the fire department...but I may need suggestions depending on how long this goes on.

What a nut.



hapi said...

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Lindsey said...

Thanks for the tip, Hapi! I think my titles are pretty good as is. Good luck getting people to download your virus!

Bob and LouAnne said...

I think your post titles are genius, pure genius. Hapi on over to somebody else's blog and pester them.