Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Wedding-Themed Weekend...

Last week seemed out of control to me around here...lots going on at work and long, excruciating grad classes on top of it. Luckily I had some fun planned for the weekend to get me through. On Friday night we went out to dinner with Rachel and Justin at Granite City in Carmel. Very good! Here we are with our Northern Light Lager, and Justin's...sorry Justin, I can't remember the name of your beer. Starts with a 'B'. Brent got his meal for free since it came out 10 minutes after everyone else's and apparently had been set at another if he comes down with something we'll know it's because someone with Swine Flu picked through his food.

On Saturday my cousin Kyle got married in Illinois. All my mom's siblings and most of their families were there, and it was good to spend time with them since we don't do it often enough. There was a cookout in Hord that evening (the wedding/reception was in the afternoon) and I hear that BIG FUN was had by all, but I wouldn't know because I was already on my way home to Indy. Lori and Co. and my parents all stayed at MaMa's, so more fun was had at the sleepover afterwards. I did get a prank call from Baleigh at 1:30 last night, something about a dog food survey, so I guess I wasn't totally left out. You know I hate to miss any of the action.

I believe Uncle Bob just got done saying something to Landon that he found particularly funny. Bob and Landon have formed a quick bond in the handful of days they've spent together. When Landon said his prayers at night, he used to always pray for Lavella (his babysitter) and Uncle Bob. I'm sure he's added people to his list since last fall.

This ring bearer was hilarious and kept us entertained throughout the ceremony. He kept dropping the pillow, wiping his nose on it, etc. When the pastor asked for the rings and the best man handed them over, the ring bearer started looking down at the pillow and then back at his dad. He really thought he had the rings. "What the heck????" He decided he was done after realizing it was all a scam and sat down in the pews.

This morning I met Ashley and Audrey downtown at their hotel and we had a mini girls' day 'o fun! Andrew was a groomsman in a wedding this afternoon so Ashley and Audrey had some time to kill. We went to breakfast at Le Peep and did some shopping. That Audrey...what a pumpkin head...!!

She's in her party dress, the flower is in place, and she's ready for some wedding hors d'oeuvres!

This coming week is big. I have a midterm on Wednesday night and another one on Thursday. On Tuesday I am interviewing the director of a not-for-profit that assists homeless veterans. Turns out I'm doing their marketing plan as part of my class! Yikes. Wish me luck with that. But the biggest event is that CPA scores for the last testing window are predicted to come out on Wednesday night between eight and midnight. This is my last one, remember, so in three days I could be home free with that hideous exam. If I didn't pass I'm definitely going to need a mental health day on Thursday since I will be in the middle of a nervous breakdown. Just kidding. I can't wait until Wednesday!

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Rachel said...

I hope you have good news waiting for you on Wednesday!!