Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Christa's Baby Shower

Last Thursday we threw a baby shower for Christa who is due to have a little girl in early July. We planned to have a luncheon in the park, but I was actually relieved when the forecast called for rain considering all the stuff we would have had to haul out there. She invited ten and all came but one, so it was a great turnout and Baby Girl got some great gifts.

Of course we had a diaper cake! Funny story: Alli and I were carrying the diaper cake and Pack 'n Play into the building and had made it just past the security checkpoint when we stopped to say hello to some coworkers. Just as we stopped, the diapers in the bottom tier just fell right through my hands until the entire outer ring was gone. We both just stood there with our hands full, laughing, while people stopped to help us pick up 30 tiny diapers. We stacked them all on top of the Pack 'n Play that Alli was carrying, but they kept falling while we walked up three levels of ramps. I ended up just kicking one of the diapers like a Coke can in the street until we reached our office. It was pretty hilarious.

The view in our scenic conference room. I know, we need some artwork. I'm working on it, but it requires about 25 forms and the approval of the President himself to hang some pictures.

My LIMs. We hire people right out of college for the Leaders in Motion program and I have been lucky enough through the last year to have these three lovely ladies placed with me as their Homebase Supervisor. Megan and Christa were with me last summer and Alli, in teal, is with me now. They are sharp, hard-working and fun women who have been a huge help to me! (Please disregard my muffin-top. I selfishly was about to crop our stomachs right out of this picture, but thought it would be wrong to hide Christa's cute baby belly for the sake of my chubby belly. Bad pants...tight waist. Just wanted to get that out in the open in case you were thinking there was something I wasn't telling you.)


Rachel said...

Funny story! I like the top...no need to explain yourself!

The Hetrick Headlines said...

On the contrary i was just going to say taht you looked great :) and that i really need to take up running if i can look skinny like that :) LOVE AND MISS YOU!