Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coincidence? Or is it us?

Ever go through one of those times when you feel like everything you own is broken? You know, one of those times when you wish you could just get rid of everything and live the simple life because everything's gotten so high-maintenance? We are in one of those phases at our house this week. I'm not sure if I came to this conclusion last night when I looked out the back window just in time to see Brent break the top step of the deck in two, or if it happened when I put on my dress for work this morning and saw that the grease spot I paid the dry cleaner $15 to remove was still there. Maybe it was when the cord of the living room blinds snapped last night, leaving them hanging at an awkward slant. Or it could have been the recall notice I received in the mail yesterday on my practically brand-new Malibu that will require at least a two-hour appointment on my day off. It also might have been when I made my weekly To-Do List, and when I wrote "Vacuum", thought, "Oh nope, can't do that...the vacuum won't suck up any dirt." Or maybe when I came into the driveway this evening and remembered that I need to call the landscaper about my dead hydrangea and cash in that six month warranty. Thank goodness it's not major stuff, like electricity and air conditioning.

Seriously people...stuff is such a waste of time. I'm all for selling everything to the poor and hitting the road with some band. Who's with me?

What, that's not a stable thing to do?

Dang it. In that case, I better go to work at repairing some of these things. Maybe I can get the gutters fixed before it rains again....

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The Hetrick Headlines said...

UGH! One word... SUCK! Geesh what is with the karma in Indy. Not cool at all, but we wish you the best of luck with all repairs and if you need a vacuum... you are more than welcome to borrow ours :) LOVE AND MISS YOU LINDS! :)