Sunday, June 21, 2009

Girls' Weekend!

Ashley, Becca, Laura, Mel and I met in Southwest Michigan on Friday for a weekend of relaxation and wine tasting. We rented a cottage in Union Pier and had plans to go to a wine festival at Wego Beach on Saturday. There was a problem with the TV in Cottage 13 which was annoying to Laura and Mel who were there all day on Friday while it poured down rain. Long story short, we ended up getting the cottage next door for free in addition to #13, so we had lots of room to spread out. Very nice!

Here we are at The Stray Dog for a late Friday night dinner. The "poor man's Salty Dog", as Mel would say. The place was crowded with weekenders and it was a good start to the trip. We considered buying matching t-shirts that said "SIT!" and "STAY!" on the back, but decided to not be ridiculous. But if Bonnie could only read, I may have reconsidered the shirt...

Our cottages...

The cottage Ashley, Becca and I shared from the inside...really cute!

Preparing our sunbathing spots after a long walk up and down the beach Saturday morning. On said walk, we passed a woman who said, "Look at all these beautiful bodies on the beach!" Thanks! But...hey...wait a minute...why do we only hear that from people who are 80+??

After shoving back some Redamak burgers and fried fixin's, ice cream seemed like a good idea Saturday afternoon. Please excuse my camera...there's something going on with it.

Ugh...oink is right! Immediately after this we headed back for a nap.

Here we are Saturday evening at the wine fest, which was our main event of the weekend. After the 3,000 calorie lunch and afternoon nap, we got there pretty late. It was a huge bust after we realized that the $10 cover got us absolutely zero wine to taste, but whatever. Turns out there are some pretty skunky wines in Michigan, but there were a few hidden gems as well.

We ate Mexican to top off our eating day...and thus our Wine Weekend officially turned into Obesity Saturday.

We had a great time playing cards, catching up, picking at each other, and laughing. I love these girls so much! Where to next summer, ladies??

It's been awhile since the pup has been on the blog. I think she was glad I was home. I like to think she doesn't want me to leave again and that this is her way of stopping me. Right.


Rachel said...

Fun trip! What a great timing for a just-passed-the-cpa-exam celebration!

ashley said...

great recap linds! always a good time with you ladies :) i almost hate to ask (since i seem to be doing this a lot lately...) but would you mind emailing me the pics from the weekend. the one of use on the beach is really the only pic i have of the weekend!

The Hetrick Headlines said...

Looks like you guys had a great time... Miss you all :)