Sunday, May 25, 2008

"It's Just a Spring Clean for the May Queen..."

This is a lyric from "Stairway to Heaven." I kind of like to think of myself as the May Queen, since it's my birthday month and all. Feel free to call me this next time you see me, and if your birthday is in May, too, then I guess you can be called the May Queen if you want. Other reasons why May is the most fabulous month include: school is getting out (which doesn't apply to me anymore...waaa-waaa), the weather is usually pretty good or is at least showing promise, and we have a three-day weekend filled with grilled meat to officially welcome summer. Honestly, things could not get much better!

The last two weekends have been fun-filled. Brent and I visited Bob and Big Lou last weekend. Before we left on Friday we met Brent's parents for dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise and had a fun time catching up on their Hilton Head vacation highlights. On Saturday Mom and I went to the Lovely Lucy's bridal shower at the farm, which reminds me of the trips I used to make to stay with Lucy and her family during the summer. The shower was as lovely as the bride herself and had lots of cute details. Our favor was a cloth napkin with pansies on it, since the pansy has always been Lucy's favorite flower. We ate on china and had cheesecake similar to the cheesecake that will be on each table at the reception. Lucy and Jaer are getting married over Labor Day weekend in Houston and I am already getting excited for the week-long roadtrip for the wedding.

Lucy and I last July

After the shower we met Stormy at Casa Grille, our favorite, and then headed off to see Blind Melon at Piere's. This is our second time seeing them in two months, so you can say we must really like them. This time we were on the band's guest list, which seemed fair since we just paid for their tickets in March. It was pretty exciting to go right to the door and say, "We're on the list", but the bouncers didn't seem impressed. Hey, it's the first and probably only time that will happen to us, so they could have at least humored me and acted like we were the 1-millionth concert-goer or something.

We stayed in town for Memorial Day weekend and enjoyed dinner with the Wrights at another favorite of ours, Chile Verde, on Friday. We celebrated because Brent and Eric earned their Green Belt certification this week...and I'm not referring to karate. This is a Lean 6 designation for a project management tool they developed that saved the agency money. They've worked on this project for about the last 6 months, so the boys were pretty happy it is complete.

I treated myself to a mani and pedi on Saturday afternoon, just because. My last pedi was a year ago, so this was a wonderful treat. We attended the Sinders' Annual Memorial Day cookout yesterday evening and had a great time eating and playing Uno. I brought the Hot Bacon Dip for an appetizer and Pavlova for dessert...both recipes are on Big Lou's blog, and both are tasty. In fact, some may say that the dip is good enough that you can eat it on cardboard circles and not really even notice. We dipped with Wheat Thins and Ritz, so I wouldn't know about that.

We really enjoyed the dip.

Love that Corgi!

Brent and I grilled out ourselves tonight after wussing out on going to the race. We went to church and Panera instead, which I'm sure was a much less draining day than going to the infield at 6:00 a.m. We'll gear up for next year. By the way, how much do I love Danica Patrick??? A whole lot. I listened to the race on the radio and really enjoyed when the announcers said she was "making a beeline for Ryan Briscoe's car." Hilarious. The point where she really won me over was the race where she kicked her helmet on the ground and then stomped off, looking ridiculous. I can relate because that's something I might do and then regret later. Similar to when I take the CPA Exam and get so mad about all the stupid questions they ask me that I end up doing a lot of huffing and throwing my pencils around for awhile before I realize I'm being a baby.

I hope your Memorial Day weekend has been as relaxing as ours!


Bob and LouAnne said...

Wow May Queen! Your pavlova is sure loaded with fruit!!

Megan said...

I Wanna be the May Queen, too!! You can't tell, but I said that in a very whiny voice. :) I'm just kidding, you can have the title, since it was your idea. I'll come up with something else...even though I had dibs on May before you came along, sister. :)

I'm checking the family calendar for our girls weekend. We have an alumni soccer game on the 19th so not sure that will work. Gotta talk to the coach.